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Just Folks   By: (1881-1959)

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Just Folks by Edgar A. Guest is a heartwarming collection of poems that highlights the beauty, struggles, and triumphs of everyday people. Through his simple yet profound verse, Guest eloquently captures the essence of the common man, celebrating the virtues of hard work, honesty, and determination.

The book opens with a series of poems that pay homage to the unsung heroes of society, the average individuals who lead unassuming lives. Guest skillfully weaves words to depict their experiences, allowing readers to connect with the characters and relate to their stories. From the factory worker to the domestic helper, Guest paints a vivid and vividly realistic picture of these ordinary lives that often go unnoticed.

One of the strengths of Just Folks lies in Guest's ability to convey deep emotions and truths through deceptively simple language. He employs a straightforward and accessible style that allows readers of all backgrounds to easily comprehend the messages embedded in each poem. It is this quality that makes his work relatable and appealing, drawing readers in and encouraging contemplation of the human condition.

Throughout the collection, Guest presents a balanced portrayal of life's dimensions, exploring both the joyous and the sorrowful moments. Whether he writes about the elation of achieving one's dreams or the heartache of loss and disappointment, his words resonate deeply. This emotional authenticity creates a meaningful connection between the reader and the poems, evoking empathy and a shared understanding of the various facets of the human experience.

Additionally, Guest's poems are filled with vivid imagery, enabling readers to visualize the scenes he describes. His choice of words and descriptive language are precise and evocative, painting a picture that is both powerful and enchanting. By transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, he infuses the everyday with a sense of awe and wonder.

Although some may argue that the book's simplicity and conventional style could limit its appeal to more discerning poetry enthusiasts, Guest's intention to capture the essence of the common man remains steadfast. Just Folks is not an avant-garde collection meant to push academic boundaries or challenge poetic conventions. Instead, it stands as an ode to the human spirit, to the indomitable will that allows ordinary individuals to overcome adversity and find joy in the simplest of things.

In Just Folks, Edgar A. Guest showcases his remarkable ability to find beauty and inspiration in the ordinary. Through his heartfelt verse and relatable characters, he shines a light on the unsung heroes among us, reminding readers of the strength, compassion, and resilience that exist within each individual. Whether you are a poetry aficionado or a casual reader looking for a heartfelt and down-to-earth collection, this book is sure to leave a lasting impression.

First Page:


by Edgar A. Guest

To the Little Mother and the Memory of the Big Father, This Simple Book Is Affectionately Dedicated

Just Folks

We're queer folks here. We'll talk about the weather, The good times we have had together, The good times near, The roses buddin', an' the bees Once more upon their nectar sprees; The scarlet fever scare, an' who Came mighty near not pullin' through, An' who had light attacks, an' all The things that int'rest, big or small; But here you'll never hear of sinnin' Or any scandal that's beginnin'. We've got too many other labors To scatter tales that harm our neighbors.

We're strange folks here. We're tryin' to be cheerful, An' keep this home from gettin' tearful. We hold it dear Too dear for pettiness an' meanness, An' nasty tales of men's uncleanness. Here you shall come to joyous smilin', Secure from hate an' harsh revilin'; Here, where the wood fire brightly blazes, You'll hear from us our neighbor's praises... Continue reading book >>

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