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Life History of the Kangaroo Rat   By: (1888-1972)

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In Life History of the Kangaroo Rat, author Walter P. Taylor delves deep into the fascinating world of the Kangaroo Rat, offering readers a comprehensive and detailed account of this unique creature's life. Through meticulous research and vivid descriptions, Taylor weaves together an engaging narrative that captivates both scientific enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

One of the most commendable aspects of Taylor's work is his meticulous attention to detail. From the rat's physical characteristics to its habitat, he leaves no stone unturned in his exploration of the Kangaroo Rat's life history. The book is enriched with numerous illustrations, diagrams, and photographs, allowing readers to visualize the rat's physical appearance and behavior as they progress through the pages.

Moreover, Taylor's prose is both accessible and engaging, making complicated scientific concepts and terminologies easily understandable. He strikes a fine balance between scientific precision and entertaining storytelling, creating a reading experience that is both informative and enjoyable. The author's passion for the subject matter is evident, as he effortlessly takes readers on a journey into the fascinating lives of these tiny creatures.

Throughout the book, Taylor provides invaluable insights into the unique adaptations and behaviors of the Kangaroo Rat. From their remarkable ability to survive in arid environments to their remarkable agility and jumping prowess, readers gain a deeper appreciation for the marvels of nature. By shedding light on the various threats and challenges faced by the species, Taylor also stresses the importance of conservation efforts to protect these remarkable creatures and their fragile habitats.

While the book primarily focuses on the Kangaroo Rat, Taylor also draws connections to broader ecological systems and examines its role within the larger ecosystem. This interdisciplinary approach enhances the reader's understanding of the intricate relationships between species and highlights the importance of biodiversity.

One minor drawback of the book is that, at times, the sheer amount of information presented can be overwhelming, particularly for readers with less scientific background. However, Taylor's organization and the inclusion of helpful summaries throughout the book counterbalance this issue, ensuring that readers are not left feeling lost or confused.

In conclusion, Life History of the Kangaroo Rat is a must-read for anyone interested in exploring the wonders of nature. Walter P. Taylor's in-depth research, vivid descriptions, and engaging storytelling create an immersive reading experience. By delving into the life and ecology of the Kangaroo Rat, this book serves as a reminder of the intricate beauty and interconnectedness of our natural world, encouraging readers to appreciate and protect the diverse creatures that inhabit it.

First Page:



Also Technical Bulletin No. 1 of the Agricultural Experiment Station University of Arizona

Washington, D. C. PROFESSIONAL PAPER September 13, 1922

LIFE HISTORY OF THE KANGAROO RAT Dipodomys spectabilis spectabilis Merriam


CHARLES T. VORHIES, Entomologist Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Arizona; and

WALTER P. TAYLOR, Assistant Biologist Bureau of Biological Survey, U. S. Department of Agriculture


Importance of Rodent Groups 1 Identification 3 Description 5 Occurrence 7 Habits 9 Food and Storage 18 Burrow Systems, or Dens 28 Commensals and Enemies 33 Abundance 36 Economic Considerations 36 Summary 38 Bibliography 40



[Illustration: PLATE I. Banner tailed Kangaroo Rat (Dipodomys spectabilis spectabilis Merriam).

From Dipodomys merriami Mearns and subspecies, which occur over much of its range, this form is easily distinguished by its larger size and the conspicuous white brush on the tail.]


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