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Life: Its True Genesis   By: (1816-1885)

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Life: Its True Genesis by Horatius Flaccus is an incredibly profound and thought-provoking piece of literature. This book dives deep into the profound questions about the origins and purpose of life, forcing readers to challenge their own beliefs and perspectives. Flaccus presents a captivating exploration of life's true genesis, drawing on various historical, scientific, and philosophical concepts.

One of the most striking aspects of this book is Flaccus' ability to tackle such complex subjects with clarity and accessibility. Even readers who may not have a vast understanding of science or philosophy will find themselves captivated by his explanations and insights. Flaccus presents his arguments in a logical and systematic manner, carefully weaving together evidence and theories to support his claims.

Through an intricate analysis of ancient texts, Flaccus weaves a narrative that attempts to unravel the mystery of life's origins. His interpretation of these texts unveils a fascinating perspective on the beginnings of existence, challenging traditional views and offering alternative explanations.

Moreover, I appreciate Flaccus' unbiased and open-minded approach to the subject matter. He does not impose his beliefs on the reader but rather encourages critical thinking and self-exploration. This allows readers to form their own conclusions and engage in a meaningful dialogue about life's fundamental questions.

Furthermore, the personal anecdotes and experiences shared by the author provide a relatable and intimate touch to the book. They serve as a reminder that these questions about life's origins and purpose are not mere intellectual pursuits but deeply personal quests for meaning and understanding.

However, there are moments when Flaccus delves into overly technical and intricate scientific or philosophical discussions, which may be overwhelming for some readers. Although these sections are crucial to the overall argument, they can be challenging to grasp without a solid background in the subject matter.

In conclusion, Life: Its True Genesis is an intellectually stimulating and thought-provoking book that will undoubtedly leave readers questioning their beliefs and perceptions. Through a well-structured and accessible approach, Horatius Flaccus invites readers on a captivating journey into the existential questions that have plagued humanity for centuries. Whether one agrees with his interpretations or not, this book is a must-read for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of life's origins and meaning.

First Page:

i"?Life: Its True Genesis

By R. W. Wright

[Masoretic Hebrew.] xOe squaredxx(C)OeOe1/2x" x Oe.x"Oe deg.xcxx"Oe3/4x'Oexoe xcOe.xoeOe3/4x"OexOeOe'x"Oexcxf.

IYa1/2 I"a1/2 IfIEuroa1/2 cubedII1/4I I a1/2I"I?a? a1/4I1/2 I a1/2I"a?. II I"a1/2 deg. I cubeda1/2 cubedI1/2I?I, a1/4IEuroa1/2 I"a?I, I cubeda?I,. [Septuagint.]

"Whose general principle of life, each in itself after its own kind, is upon the earth." [Correct Translation.]

Second Edition





Chapter I. Introductory. Chapter II. Life Its True Genesis. Chapter III. Alternations of Forest Growths. Chapter IV. The Distribution and Vitality of Seeds. Chapter V. Plant Migration and Interglacial Periods. Chapter VI. Distribution and Permanence of Species. Chapter VII. What Is Life? Its Various Theories. Chapter VIII. Materialistic Theories of Life Refuted. Chapter IX. Force Correlation, Differentiation and Other Life Theories. Chapter X. Darwinism Considered from a Vitalistic Stand point.

Preface to Second Edition.

Here is the law of life, as laid down by the eagle eyed prophet Isaiah, in that remarkable chapter commencing, "Ho, every one that thirsteth" whether it be after knowledge, or any other earthly or spiritual good come unto me and I will give you that which you seek... Continue reading book >>

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