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Lines in Pleasant Places Being the Aftermath of an Old Angler   By: (1839?-1920)

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Lines in Pleasant Places Being the Aftermath of an Old Angler by William Senior is a delightful literary gem that captures both the essence of angling and the joys of being in nature. As the author's follow-up to his influential book The Compleat Angler, this collection of musings and observations offers a refreshing perspective on the fishing world through a series of charming anecdotes and vivid descriptions.

What distinguishes Lines in Pleasant Places is its ability to transport readers to idyllic landscapes painted with words. Whether the author is casting his line in a serene river or sitting by a tranquil lake, his eloquent descriptions bring these settings to life. With evocative language, Senior captures every sight, sound, and scent of the outdoors, making readers feel as if they are right beside him, experiencing the beauty of nature firsthand.

However, Senior's book is not merely about fishing; it is a celebration of the connection between man and the natural world. Through his angling adventures, the author shares his introspective thoughts and contemplations on life, spirituality, and the importance of finding solace within nature's embrace. While the primary focus may be on pursuing fish, it is clear that Senior regards fishing as the means to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the world around him.

Moreover, Senior's writing style exudes warmth, humility, and wisdom. His gentle and relaxed tone invites readers on an intimate journey through his cherished memories and experiences. One cannot help but be captivated by his genuine love for angling, his respect for the environment, and his camaraderie with fellow anglers. It is this authenticity that makes Lines in Pleasant Places a truly enjoyable and relatable read for both fishing enthusiasts and those seeking a momentary escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

While some may argue that Lines in Pleasant Places lacks a cohesive narrative structure or a clearly defined purpose, it is precisely its meandering nature that captures the essence of angling itself. The book mirrors the rhythm of a peaceful day spent by the water, with its ebbs and flows of excitement, solitude, and reflection. Just as a skilled angler must be patient and observant, so too must readers approach Senior's work, allowing themselves to be carried along by the gentle current of his stories.

In conclusion, Lines in Pleasant Places Being the Aftermath of an Old Angler by William Senior is a charming and immersive journey into the world of angling. Through his evocative prose, sincere reflections, and profound appreciation for nature, Senior offers readers a unique and refreshing perspective on the joys and wonders of fishing. This book is a must-read for anyone who seeks solace, inspiration, and a deeper connection to the natural world.

First Page:


Being the Aftermath of an Old Angler



("Red Spinner")

[Frontispiece: "Red Spinner"]

Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co. Ltd., 4 Stationers' Hall Court London, E.C. 4

Copyright First published 1920


The half a dozen or so of Angling books which stand to my name were headed by Waterside Sketches , and this is really and truly a continuation, if not the end, of the series. They were inspired by my old friend Richard Gowing, at the Whitefriars Club, of which he was for many years the well remembered honorary secretary, and of which I still have the grateful pride of being entitled to the name of father.

Gowing had become editor of the Gentleman's Magazine in 1874, and in his sturdy efforts to give it new life he looked round amongst the youngsters who seemed likely to serve him. The result was that he invited me to try my hand at something. He had read my Notable Shipwrecks , which the house of Cassells was at that time bringing out, and said that its author, known to the public as "Uncle Hardy" only, ought to be able to offer a suggestion.

The Stoke Newington reservoirs had about that time given me some good sport with pike, large perch, chub, and tench, and I had long been an angling enthusiast... Continue reading book >>

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