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Little Folks (December 1884) A Magazine for the Young   By:

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Transcriber's Note: Phrases printed in italics in the original version are indicated in this electronic version by (underscore). A list of amendments are given at the end of the book.


A Magazine for the Young.





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AMUSEMENTS, RECREATIONS, &c. Pretty Work for Little Fingers Embroidered Glass cloth, 13. The Children's Own Garden, 43, 100, 179, 239, 290, 360. Hints on Canvasine Painting, 75. Some more Little Presents, and the way to make them, 139. A New Game for Children, 142. How to make pretty Picture Frames, 203. A Game for Long Evenings, 275. Little Papers for Little Art Workers Ivory Miniature Painting, 330.

CHILDREN'S OWN GARDEN, THE July, 43. August, 100. September, 179. October, 239. November, 290. December, 360.

FANCIFUL RHYMES, PICTURES, STORIES, &c. Little Miss Propriety, 11. Fighting with a Shadow, 12. A Practical Joke, 28. How Paulina won back Peter ( A Fairy Story ), 47. A Race on the Sands, 77. The Kingfisher and the Fishes, 81. The Maids and the Magpie, 91. A Game of Cricket in Elfland ( A Fairy Story ), 105. The Little Flowers' Wish, 116. Their Wonderful Ride, 153. What came of a Foxglove ( A Fairy Story ), 172. A Foraging Expedition in South America, 207. What the Magic Words Meant ( A Fairy Story ), 235. The Discontented Boat, 242. The Brownies to the Rescue, 256. The Rival Kings (A Fable in Four Situations), 276. The Fox and the Frog, 288. The Magic Music and its Message ( A Fairy Story ), 293. The Rival Mothers, 337. A Race for a Cat ( A Fairy Story ), 361.

HUMANE SOCIETY, THE "LITTLE FOLKS" Special Notices, 55, 373. Lists of Officers and Members, 55, 121, 185, 249, 313, 372. True Stories about Pets, Anecdotes, &c., 57, 187, 251, 374.

LITTLE MARGARET'S KITCHEN, AND WHAT SHE DID IN IT, 45, 110, 161, 233, 279, 335.

LITTLE TOILERS OF THE NIGHT The Printer's Reading Boy, 30. The Fisher Boy, 151. Young Gipsies, 273.

MUSIC Three Little Squirrels, 59. A Harvest Song, 112. "Let's Away to the Woods," 181. Dignity and Impudence, 245. The Happy Little River, 316. A Day in the Snow, 376.

PEEPS AT HOME AND ABROAD Stories Told in Westminster Abbey How the Abbey was Built, 14. The Coronations in the Abbey, 113. Royal Funerals in the Abbey, 176. Curious Customs and Remarkable Incidents, 222. The Sanctuary, Cloisters, and Chapter House, 291. The Monuments, 366. The Home of the Beads, 26. Little Toilers of the Night The Printer's Reading Boy, 30. The Fisher Boy, 151. Young Gipsies, 273. Some Famous Railway Trains, and their Story The "Flying Dutchman," 39. The "Wild Irishman," 86. The "Flying Scotchman," 204. The Continental and "Tidal" Mails, 346. Children's Games in Days of Old, 91. A Day on Board H.M.S. Britannia, 142. The Water Carriers of the World, 157. The Prince and his Whipping Boy, 220. A Few Words about the Dykes of Holland, 267. A Few Words about Tattooing, 359.

POCKET BOOK, THE EDITOR'S: JOTTINGS AND PENCILLINGS HERE, THERE, AND EVERYWHERE The Natural Bridge, Virginia, 51; The Colossus of Rhodes, 51; Chinese Palanquins, 51; The Flamingo, 51; "God's Providence House," 51; An Ancient Monster, 51; Arabs of the Soudan, 52; A Lesson in Charity, 52; The Busy Bee, 52; The Dwarf Trees of China, 52; What is the "Lake School?" 52; The Cuckoo's Fag, 52; The Greatest Whirlpool in the World, 54; The Dog and the Telephone, 54; The Wounded Cat and the Doctor, 117; A Remarkable Bell, 117; About the Mina Bird, 117; An Historical Cocoa Plant, 117; The International Health Exhibition, 118; Famous Old London Buildings, 118; Model Dairies, 118; Trades in Operation, 118; The Costume Show, 118; Street of Furnished Rooms, 119; Other Exhibits, 119; Young Heroes, 119; An Intelligent Mare, 119; Who were the Janizaries? 182; A Canine Guide, 182; The Taming of Bucephalus, 182; The Price of a Picture by Landseer, 183; "Ignoramus," 183; Saved by South Sea Islanders, 183; A Strange Vow, 183; Honour among Cats, 183; Memory in Parrots, 183; The Clock tower in Darmstadt Palace, 183; Oiling the Waves, 183; Spider Knicknacks, 184; An Affectionate Dog, 184; A Sagacious Cavalry Horse, 184; What is a Nabob? 184; A Curious Volcano, 184; How a Dog saved its Blind Master, 246; Abraham Men, 246; Famous Abdicators, 246; Memory in Cats, 247; Fugitives from Siberia, 247; Tame Humming Birds, 247; Intelligent Dogs, 247; Skating Race in Lapland, 247; The Riddle of the Sphinx, 247; The Wolf and the Bees, 248; About Pages, 248; The Union Jack, 248; Glendower's Oak, 248; A Product of the Soudan, 309; The Vallary Crown, 309; Supposed Relic of Trafalgar, 309; The Founder of Ragged Schools, 309; Tallow Trees, 309; A Saucy Sparrow, 309; "Sansculottes," 310; Fresh water Springs in the Sea, 309; Feathered Thieves, 310; Carlyle's Birthplace, 310; Memory in Dogs, 310; Anecdotes of Apelles, 310; Drawing the Badger, 311; A Gallant Rescue, 311; War Elephants, 311; About the Mistletoe, 370; Badges of the Apostles, 370; The Yule Log, 370; The Senses of Bees, 370; Abolition of Christmas Day, 371; The Dancing Bird, 371; Americanisms, 371; Peacock Pie, 371; The "Ironsides," 371; Migration of Storks, 371... Continue reading book >>

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