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Love—Marriage—Birth Control Being a Speech delivered at the Church Congress at Birmingham, October, 1921   By: (1864-1945)

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Love—Marriage—Birth Control, a speech delivered by Bertrand Edward Dawson Dawson at the Church Congress in Birmingham in October 1921, is a thought-provoking and controversial work that challenges societal norms and prevailing religious ideologies of the time.

Dawson skillfully addresses the captivating theme of love and its intricate connection to marriage and birth control. With a blend of historical analysis, theological arguments, and personal anecdotes, the author presents a compelling case for the acceptance and implementation of birth control methods. In an era where discussing such matters openly was considered taboo, Dawson's fearless exploration of the topic sets the stage for a truly revolutionary discourse.

The author's eloquence and clarity of thought help navigate through complex ethical dilemmas. Drawing heavily from his own experiences and observations, Dawson manages to strike a balance between empathy and logic. He acknowledges the challenges faced by couples in maintaining a loving and healthy relationship while simultaneously managing the responsibilities and consequences of unplanned pregnancies.

While Dawson's progressive stance on birth control may have been met with opposition and criticism at the time, his arguments, when viewed through the lens of modern society, bear an uncanny relevance. The author tackles the potential dangers of unplanned pregnancies, highlighting the adverse effects they can have on the physical and mental well-being of women. By advocating for wider access to birth control methods, Dawson seeks to empower individuals and couples alike, enabling them to better exercise their agency over matters of reproduction and family planning.

The speech also delves into the implications of birth control on the institution of marriage itself. Acknowledging the strained relationships that can result from continual pregnancies, Dawson challenges traditional notions of marital obligations and emphasizes the importance of consent and mutual understanding between partners. His arguments for responsible parenthood and the necessity of planned pregnancies act as a precursor to the concepts that would later gain societal acceptance.

Despite the book's age, Dawson's message remains relevant and thought-provoking in modern times. The author's comprehensive understanding of the interplay between religion, love, marriage, and birth control is commendable. By attempting to reconcile these seemingly disparate elements, Dawson encourages readers to engage in critical thinking and to challenge deeply ingrained beliefs and practices.

In conclusion, Love—Marriage—Birth Control is a groundbreaking speech that challenged societal norms and continues to offer a fresh perspective on issues that were deemed controversial during its time of publication. Dawson's eloquence and insight make this work a riveting read that will undoubtedly leave readers contemplating the complex relationship between love, marriage, and birth control.

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Being a Speech delivered at the Church Congress at Birmingham, October, 1921:



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First Published January, 1922 Reprinted January, 1922 Reprinted February, 1922 Reprinted April, 1922

All rights reserved


At the Church Congress held this autumn at Birmingham I was honoured by an invitation to speak on "Sexual Relationships."

The subject matter of that speech has aroused widespread interest and some controversy. It is being published in response to numerous requests and because most of the reports, being of necessity condensed, inadequately and even in some instances incorrectly set forth the views I endeavoured to champion; for any speech on a subject so difficult to handle needs to be read in its entirety if misapprehensions are to be avoided.

And first, may I thank numerous correspondents; and those in disagreement equally with those in agreement with me... Continue reading book >>

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