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Manners and Monuments of Prehistoric Peoples   By: (1818-1904)

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Manners and Monuments of Prehistoric Peoples

by The Marquis de Nadaillac

Translated by

Nancy Bell (N. D'Anvers)

Translator's Note

The present volume has been translated, with the author's consent, from the French of the Marquis de Nadaillac. The author and translator have carefully brought down to date the original edition, embodying the discoveries made during the progress of the work. The book will be found to be an epitome of all that is known on the subject of which it treats, and covers ground not at present occupied by any other work in the English language.

Nancy Bell (N. D'Anvers).

Southbourne On Sea,



Chapter Page I. The Stone Age, its Duration, and its Place in Time 1 II. Food, Cannibalism, Mammals, Fish, Hunting and Fishing, Navigation 47 III. Weapons, Tools, Pottery; Origin of the Use of Fire, Clothing, Ornaments; Early Artistic Efforts 79 IV. Caves, Kitchen Middings, Lake Stations, "Terremares," Crannoges, Burghs, "Nurhags," "Talayoti," and "Truddhi" 127 V. Megalithic Monuments 174 VI. Industry, Commerce, Social Organization; Fights, Wounds and Trepanation 231 VII. Camps, Fortifications, Vitrified Forts; Santorin; the Towns upon the Hill of Hissarlik 279 VIII. Tombs 343 Index 383


Figure Page Fossil man from Mentone. FRONTISPIECE 1. Stone weapons described by Mahudel in 1734. 8 2. Copper hatchets found in Hungary and now in national museum of Budapest. 20 3. Copper beads from Connett's Mound, Ohio (natural size). 21 4. Stone statues on Easter Island. 37 5. Fort hill, Ohio. 39 6. Group of sepulchral mounds. 40 7. Ground plan of a pueblo of the Mac Elmo valley. 41 8. Cliff house on the Rio Mancos. 42 9. House in a rock of the Montezuma canon. 43 10. 1. Fragments of arrows made of reindeer horn from the Martinet cave (Lot et Garonne). 2. Point of spear or harpoon in stag horn (one third natural size). 3. and 4. Bone weapons from Denmark. 5. Harpoon of stag horn from St. Aubin. 6. Bone fish hooks pointed at each end, from Waugen. 61 11. Bear's teeth converted into fish hooks. 62 12. Fish hook made out of a boar's tusk. 62 13. A. Large barbed arrow from one side of the Plan Lade shelter (Tarn et Garonne). B. Lower part of a barbed harpoon from the Plantade deposit. 65 14. Ancient Scandinavian boat found beneath a tumulus at Gogstadten. 73 15. Ancient boat discovered in the bed of the Cher. 75

16. A lake pirogue found in the Lake of Neuchatel. 1. As seen outside. 2. and 3. Longitudinal and transverse sections. Stones used as anchors, found in the Bay of Penhouet. 76 17. 1, 2, 3. Stones weighing about 160 lbs. each. 4. and 5. Lighter stones, probably used for canoes. 80 18. Scraper from the Delaware valley. 82 19. Implement from the Delaware valley. 82 20. Worked flints from the Lafaye and Plantade shelters (Tarn et Garonne). 83 21. 1. Stone javelin head with handle. 2. Stone hatchet with handle. 89 22. 1. Fine needles. 2. Coarse needles. 3. Amulet. 4 and 6. Ornaments. 5. Cut flints. 7. Fragment of a harpoon. 8. Fragments of reindeer antlers with signs or drawings. 9. Whistle. 10. One end of a bow (?). 11. Arrow head. (From the Vache, Massat, and Lourdes caves) 91 23. Amulet made of the penien bone of a bear and found in the Marsoulas cave. 92 24. Various stone and bone objects from California. 93 25. Dipper found in the excavations at the Chassey camp. 95 26. Pottery of a so far unclassified type found in the Argent cave (France). 98 27. 1. Lignite pendant. 2. Bone pendant. (Thayngen cave). 107 28. Round pieces of skull, pierced with holes (M. de Baye's collection). 110 29. Part of a rounded piece of a human parietal. Stiletto made of the end of a human radius. 111 Disk, made of the burr of a stag's antler. 30. Whistle from the Massenat collection. 112 31. Staff of office. 113 32. Staff of office, made of stag horn pierced with four holes. 114 33. Staff of office found at Lafaye... Continue reading book >>

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