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Marguerite   By: (1844-1924)

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Anatole France's novel "Marguerite" is a captivating exploration of love, passion, and the unconventional paths they can take. Set in 19th century France, the story follows Marguerite, a young woman with a troubled past and an indomitable spirit.

From the very beginning, France paints a vivid picture of Marguerite's world, immersing the reader in the sights, sounds, and smells of a bygone era. The author's rich and detailed prose transports us back in time, allowing us to experience the beauty and contradictions of 19th century France.

Marguerite herself is an enigmatic and complex character. Despite her questionable reputation, she exudes a sense of strength and resilience that is truly inspiring. France deftly explores the dichotomy between Marguerite's perceived immorality and her genuine capacity for love and compassion.

The novel's plot is filled with unexpected twists and turns, keeping the reader on the edge of their seat throughout. France expertly balances the personal struggles of Marguerite with the broader societal issues of the time, such as class divisions and the stifling expectations placed on women. Through Marguerite's journey, we witness the transformative power of love and the lengths one is willing to go to protect it.

What sets "Marguerite" apart is France's masterful use of language. His prose is lyrical and poetic, adding a layer of beauty to even the most mundane of scenes. The careful attention to detail and the intricacy of the descriptions make the story come alive, elevating it from a simple love story to a work of art.

However, "Marguerite" is not without its flaws. At times, the pacing can feel slow, and some readers may find the plot meandering. Additionally, some of the secondary characters lack depth, serving mainly as plot devices rather than fully fleshed-out individuals.

Despite these minor shortcomings, "Marguerite" is a truly compelling read. It is a poignant exploration of human emotions, societal norms, and the power of love to transcend these limitations. Anatole France's eloquent prose and his ability to capture the essence of a bygone era make this novel a must-read for fans of historical fiction and those seeking a thought-provoking tale.

First Page:


By Anatole France

Translated From The French By J. Lewis May

With Twenty Nine Original Woodcuts By Simeon

London, John Lane Company, MCMXXI

[Illustration: titlepage 010]


Publish Marguerite, dear Monsieur André Coq, if you so desire, but pray relieve me from all responsibility in the matter.

It would argue too much literary conceit on my part were I anxious to restore it to the light of day. It would argue, perhaps, still more did I endeavour to keep it in obscurity. You will not succeed in wresting it for long from the eternal oblivion where unto it is destined. Ay me, how old it is! I had lost all recollection of it. I have just read it over, without fear or favour, as I should a work unknown to me, and it does not seem to me that I have lighted upon a masterpiece. It would ill beseem me to say more about it than that. My only pleasure as I read it was derived from the proof it afforded that, even in those far off days, when I was writing this little trifle, I was no great lover of the Third Republic with its pinchbeck virtues, its militarist imperialism, its ideas of conquest, its love of money, its contempt for the handicrafts, its unswerving predilection for the unlovely. Its leaders caused me terrible misgivings. And the event has surpassed my apprehensions... Continue reading book >>

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