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The Merrie Tales of Jacques Tournebroche And Child Life in Town and Country   By: (1844-1924)

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The Merrie Tales of Jacques Tournebroche And Child Life in Town and Country by Anatole France is a delightful collection of stories that offers a unique perspective on everyday life in both urban and rural settings. Through the eyes of the young protagonist Jacques Tournebroche, France skillfully displays his wit, satirical edge, and ability to captivate readers with his charming storytelling.

The book begins with Jacques Tournebroche recounting his adventures as a child, growing up in a small town. The author brilliantly captures the innocence and curiosity of youth, as Jacques navigates through various misadventures and encounters with eccentric characters. Each story is presented with a touch of humor, keeping the reader engaged and entertained throughout.

As the book progresses, Jacques moves to the city, exposing readers to the stark contrast between urban and rural life. France masterfully unveils the absurdities and shortcomings of the city, contrasting them with the simplicity and beauty of the countryside. This sharp social commentary adds depth to the stories, elevating them beyond mere entertainment.

One of the most remarkable aspects of France's writing in this collection is his ability to evoke vivid imagery and create a rich atmosphere. Whether it is the bustling streets of the city or the serene landscapes of the countryside, the reader is transported into the world of Jacques Tournebroche. France's attention to detail and poetic descriptions make the settings come alive, enhancing the overall reading experience.

In addition to the engaging storytelling and vivid descriptions, The Merrie Tales of Jacques Tournebroche And Child Life in Town and Country also offers profound insights into the human condition. France cleverly brings attention to the hypocrisy, prejudice, and arbitrary rules that govern both urban and rural societies. Through his satirical lens, he confronts societal norms and offers a thought-provoking exploration of human nature.

However, it is important to note that this collection may not be for everyone. Some readers may find the satirical tone and social commentary to be too heavy-handed, detracting from the overall enjoyment of the book. Additionally, the book does require a certain level of familiarity with the historical and cultural context in which it is set, which may alienate some readers.

Overall, The Merrie Tales of Jacques Tournebroche And Child Life in Town and Country is a delightful read that combines humor, social commentary, and captivating storytelling. Anatole France's masterful prose and ability to transport readers into different worlds make this collection an enriching and engaging literary experience. Whether you are looking for a thought-provoking read or simply want to indulge in whimsical tales, this book is sure to leave a lasting impression.

First Page:



By Anatole France

John Lane Company, MCMXIX

Copyright 1909

John Lane Company



[Illustration: 016]

The Emperor Charlemagne and his twelve peers, having taken the palmer's staff at Saint Denis, made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. They prostrated themselves before the tomb of Our Lord, and sat in the thirteen chairs of the great hall wherein Jesus Christ and his Apostles met together to celebrate the blessed sacrifice of the Mass. Then they fared to Constantinople, being fain to see King Hugo, who was renowned for his magnificence.

The King welcomed them in his Palace, where, beneath a golden dome, birds of ruby, wrought with a wondrous art, sat and sang in bushes of emerald.

He seated the Emperor of France and the twelve Counts about a table loaded with stags, boars, cranes, wild geese, and peacocks, served in pepper. And he offered his guests, in ox horns, the wines of Greece and Asia to drink. Charlemagne and his companions quaffed all these wines in honour of the King and his daughter, the Princess Helen. After supper Hugo led them to the chamber where they were to sleep. Now this chamber was circular, and a column, springing in the midst thereof, carried the vaulted roof... Continue reading book >>

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