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Michael   By: (1867-1940)

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Michael by Edwin F. Benson is a captivating literary work that delves deep into the complex themes of love, loss, and redemption. Set against the backdrop of a small, tight-knit community, the novel unravels the compelling story of its titular character, Michael.

Benson's writing style is incredibly evocative, effortlessly transporting the reader into the heart of the narrative. The author's keen attention to detail allows for vivid imagery and a sense of immediacy that make each scene come alive. From the picturesque landscapes to the nuanced interactions between characters, the world of Michael feels both familiar and entirely unique.

The character development in this novel is one of its greatest strengths. Michael, the protagonist, is a multidimensional and flawed individual, making him instantly relatable. As the story progresses, we witness his growth and transformation, making his journey all the more compelling. Supporting characters are also expertly constructed, each with their own distinct personalities and motivations that add layers of complexity to the narrative.

The exploration of love and loss in Michael is both poignant and profound. Through Michael's experiences and relationships, Benson expertly examines the various ways these emotions can shape and mold a person. As the story unfolds, we witness the transformative power of love and its ability to heal even the deepest wounds.

Furthermore, Benson's exploration of redemption is truly thought-provoking. Michael's path to redemption is not an easy one, as he is forced to confront his past mistakes and face the consequences of his actions. This exploration of personal growth and the possibility of redemption offers a powerful message of hope and second chances.

While the pacing of the story is generally well-balanced, there are instances where it tends to lag, making the reading experience slightly disjointed. However, this is a minor critique in an otherwise engaging and thought-provoking narrative.

Overall, Michael by Edwin F. Benson is a beautifully written novel that delves deep into the complexities of the human experience. With its vivid imagery, compelling characters, and exploration of universal themes, it is a book that will leave a lasting impression on readers. Benson's masterful storytelling and profound insights make Michael a must-read for any lover of literary fiction.

First Page:


by E. F. Benson


Though there was nothing visibly graceful about Michael Comber, he apparently had the art of giving gracefully. He had already told his cousin Francis, who sat on the arm of the sofa by his table, that there was no earthly excuse for his having run into debt; but now when the moment came for giving, he wrote the cheque quickly and eagerly, as if thoroughly enjoying it, and passed it over to him with a smile that was extraordinarily pleasant.

"There you are, then, Francis," he said; "and I take it from you that that will put you perfectly square again. You've got to write to me, remember, in two days' time, saying that you have paid those bills. And for the rest, I'm delighted that you told me about it. In fact, I should have been rather hurt if you hadn't."

Francis apparently had the art of accepting gracefully, which is more difficult than the feat which Michael had so successfully accomplished.

"Mike, you're a brick," he said. "But then you always are a brick. Thanks awfully."

Michael got up, and shuffled rather than walked across the room to the bell by the fireplace. As long as he was sitting down his big arms and broad shoulders gave the impression of strength, and you would have expected to find when he got up that he was tall and largely made... Continue reading book >>

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