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Modern Mythology   By: (1844-1912)

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Modern Mythology by Andrew Lang offers readers a captivating exploration of the intersection between ancient mythologies and contemporary culture. Lang's extensive knowledge of folklore and his ability to draw connections to modern society create a riveting and thought-provoking reading experience.

What sets this book apart is Lang's expertise in presenting complex concepts in a manner accessible to readers from various backgrounds. With exceptional clarity and eloquence, the author delves into the origins and enduring appeal of myths from around the world. His articulate explanations enable readers to grasp the intricate symbolism and universal meaning behind these ancient tales.

Throughout the book, Lang skillfully illustrates how mythological themes have transcended time and found their place in contemporary society. From analyzing popular films and literature to examining the role of mythology in shaping social and cultural identities, the author seamlessly weaves together the past and the present. These connections allow readers to appreciate the ongoing relevance of mythological elements in our modern lives.

Moreover, Lang's comprehensive research is evident in the wealth of examples and references provided. Drawing upon a wide range of sources, from ancient texts to contemporary works, he presents a robust analysis of mythological motifs and their evolution over time. This attention to detail further enriches the reading experience and enables a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

One of the book's standout strengths lies in Lang's ability to engage readers emotionally. The author's passion for mythological narratives shines through, bringing these age-old stories to life and making them resonate with readers on a personal level. Through his vivid descriptions and insightful commentary, Lang ignites a sense of wonder, encouraging readers to contemplate the enduring power of myths and their impact on the human experience.

If there is any room for improvement, it would be in providing more visual aids or illustrations to accompany the text. While Lang's descriptions are vivid, incorporating visual representations could enhance the reader's understanding and appreciation of the myths discussed.

In conclusion, Modern Mythology by Andrew Lang is a captivating and enlightening exploration of ancient myths and their continued relevance in contemporary society. With its engaging narrative style, informative content, and thought-provoking analysis, this book is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding the profound influence of mythology on our modern world. Lang's expertise and passion shine through his words, making this an essential addition to any mythology enthusiast's bookshelf.

First Page:



Dedicated to the memory of John Fergus McLennan.


It may well be doubted whether works of controversy serve any useful purpose. 'On an opponent,' as Mr. Matthew Arnold said, 'one never does make any impression,' though one may hope that controversy sometimes illuminates a topic in the eyes of impartial readers. The pages which follow cannot but seem wandering and desultory, for they are a reply to a book, Mr. Max Muller's Contributions to the Science of Mythology, in which the attack is of a skirmishing character. Throughout more than eight hundred pages the learned author keeps up an irregular fire at the ideas and methods of the anthropological school of mythologists. The reply must follow the lines of attack.

Criticism cannot dictate to an author how he shall write his own book. Yet anthropologists and folk lorists, 'agriologists' and 'Hottentotic' students, must regret that Mr. Max Muller did not state their general theory, as he understands it, fully and once for all. Adversaries rarely succeed in quite understanding each other; but had Mr. Max Muller made such a statement, we could have cleared up anything in our position which might seem to him obscure.

Our system is but one aspect of the theory of evolution, or is but the application of that theory to the topic of mythology... Continue reading book >>

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