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My First Picture Book With Thirty-six Pages of Pictures Printed in Colours by Kronheim   By: (1810-1896)

Book cover

My First Picture Book with Thirty-six Pages of Pictures Printed in Colours by Kronheim is a delightful addition to any children's library. This charming book showcases the incredible talent of Joseph Martin Kronheim, a renowned illustrator of the Victorian era.

From the moment you open the book, Kronheim's vibrant and vivid artwork captivates young readers' imaginations. Each of the thirty-six pages is filled with enchanting illustrations that bring various animals, objects, and scenes to life. The colors are rich, eye-catching, and wonderfully detailed, making it a visual feast for children and adults alike.

What makes this picture book truly special is the way it engages children. The illustrations are carefully selected to resonate with young readers, sparking their curiosity and stimulating their creativity. Whether it's a collection of animals on a farm, a busy city street, or a serene natural landscape, Kronheim's illustrations effortlessly transport children into these enchanting worlds.

Furthermore, the simplicity of the book's design ensures that even the youngest readers can enjoy it without feeling overwhelmed. The large, clear pictures are easy to comprehend, making it an ideal choice for toddlers and preschoolers who are just starting their reading journey. It not only introduces them to the beauty of art but also encourages observational skills as they spot and identify various objects and creatures on each page.

The book's educational value is another commendable aspect. Through Kronheim's illustrations, children can learn about different animals, objects, and environments. It provides a fantastic opportunity for parents and teachers to engage in fun and educational conversations with young readers, expanding their vocabulary and understanding of the world around them.

It is worth mentioning that although this book lacks a coherent storyline, its purpose lies in introducing children to the joy of visual storytelling. Each illustration stands on its own, allowing children to interpret and imagine their own narratives. This freedom fosters creativity and encourages children to engage actively with the pictures.

While My First Picture Book by Kronheim may have been originally published in the Victorian era, its timeless appeal ensures it remains relevant even today. It stands as a testament to Kronheim's enduring talent and his ability to captivate and engage young readers across generations.

In conclusion, My First Picture Book with Thirty-six Pages of Pictures Printed in Colours by Kronheim is a true treasure for children and adults alike. Kronheim's exceptional illustrations, combined with its educational and imaginative qualities, make it a must-have addition to any young reader's bookshelf. It is a visual delight that will undoubtedly spark the love for art and storytelling in young minds.

First Page:


First Picture Book.


Thirty six pages of pictures

Printed in colours by Kronheim.

London & New York: George Routledge and Sons.

Transcriber's note: The grouping of letters in the alphabet section and a few paragraph breaks have been adjusted to accomodate image placement. There were no illustrations for the letters J and X in the original.


My First Alphabet The Little Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe The Babes in the Wood Little Bo Peep The History of Five Little Pigs The History of Old Mother Goose and her Son Jack


A a B b Ark Baby C c D d Cat Dog

[Illustrations: A B C D]

E e F f Ear Fan G g H h Gate House

[Illustrations: E F G H]

I i K k Inn Key L l M m Loaf Man

[Illustrations: I K L M]

N n O o Nut Owl P p Q q Pan Queen

[Illustrations: N O P Q]

R r S s Rat Sea T t U u Tart Urn

[Illustrations: R S T U]

V v W w Vine Wall Y y Z z Yew Zebra

[Illustrations: V W Y Z]


Once on a time there was a Little Old Woman who lived in a Shoe. This shoe stood near a great forest, and was so large that it served as a house for the Old Lady and all her children, of which she had so many that she did not know what to do with them... Continue reading book >>

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