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Nanny Merry or, What Made the Difference?   By:

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Nanny Merry or, What Made the Difference? is an intriguing novel that delves into the life of the central character, Merry, and the impact her nanny had on her life. Written by an anonymous author, this book takes readers on a journey through Merry's childhood and the profound influence of her beloved nanny.

The narrative begins with a glimpse into Merry's turbulent family life. Her parents, distant and emotionally detached, leave Merry feeling neglected and seeking solace elsewhere. Enter Nanny, a vivacious and warm-hearted woman who becomes a pillar of support for the young protagonist. Nanny not only fulfills the basic duties of a caregiver but also serves as a mentor, confidante, and friend to Merry.

What truly sets this narrative apart is the exploration of the bond formed between Merry and Nanny. Their relationship evolves from a professional one to a deep, personal connection that shapes Merry's entire worldview. As Merry grows older, Nanny's guidance becomes increasingly instrumental in her development, helping her navigate a complex world with grace and resilience.

The author skillfully explores various themes throughout the book, including the importance of genuine human connections, the power of love and nurturing, and the profound effects of positive role models. Through Merry's perspective, the reader is able to witness the transformative influence that Nanny's kindness, wisdom, and unyielding support have on her life, revealing the profound impact a caregiver can have on an individual's journey.

The writing style is captivating and flows effortlessly, ensuring that readers remain engaged from beginning to end. The author effectively utilizes vivid descriptions, enabling readers to visualize the characters, settings, and events. Moreover, the author's ability to create genuine and relatable characters adds depth and authenticity to the narrative, making it easy for readers to establish an emotional connection.

One aspect that stands out in this book is the delicate balance struck between heartwarming moments and thought-provoking themes. The story gracefully handles serious topics such as family dynamics, emotional neglect, and personal growth, often prompting readers to reflect upon their own lives and relationships.

However, it is worth noting that the identity of the anonymous author leaves room for speculation regarding their intentions and background. While this adds an air of mystery to the book, some readers may prefer a more transparent authorial voice.

Overall, Nanny Merry or, What Made the Difference? is a compelling tale of the lasting impact of a caregiver's influence. Through beautifully crafted characters and an engaging narrative, the book emphasizes the importance of nurturing relationships and reminds readers of the potential ripple effects of a single person's care and devotion. It is sure to resonate with individuals who value the profound significance of a mentor's presence in one's life.

First Page:


[Illustration: CROWNING THE QUEEN]



What Made the Difference?

London: T. Nelson and Sons, Paternoster Row; Edinburgh; and New York. 1872.



A little brown house, with an old elm tree before it, a frame of lattice work around the door, with a broad stone for a step this is where old Grannie Burt lives. And there she is sitting in the doorway with her Bible in her lap. She can't read it, for she is blind; but she likes to have it by her; she likes the "feeling of it," she says. "When my Bible is away," Grannie Burt says, "I am sometimes troubled and worried; but if I can only touch it, my troubles are all gone; for what harm can any trouble do us when we are going to heaven at last?"

But grannie doesn't always have to feel her Bible. Sometimes very often a little girl comes down the path to the brown house, and sitting down close by grannie, on that cricket that you see there now, takes the good book and reads the blessed words to her, till the tears trickle down grannie's wrinkled face, and laying her trembling hand on the little girl's head, she says, "God bless thee, my child."

I think she is expecting her now; for, see the cricket is all ready, and on the little table is a pitcher of cool water from the old well that you see just behind the house; and here is the little girl herself... Continue reading book >>

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