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The Nest Egg Captains All, Book 3.   By: (1863-1943)

Book cover

The third installment of W. W. Jacobs' captivating series, The Nest Egg Captains All, takes readers on yet another thrilling journey with Captain Hawser and his loyal crew. Packed with adventure, intrigue, and unexpected twists, this book seamlessly picks up where its predecessors left off, immersing readers in a richly crafted world of seafaring tales.

Set in the late 19th century, The Nest Egg Captains All transports us back to a time of great exploration, where the vast oceans were both alluring and treacherous. Captain Hawser, a seasoned seafarer with a heart of gold, and his crew find themselves embarking on yet another perilous voyage. Their destination: a mysterious island rumored to hold untold riches. However, they soon discover that the island is not simply a treasure trove waiting to be plundered, but a place filled with ancient secrets and deadly adversaries.

Jacobs expertly weaves together suspense and excitement, keeping readers on the edge of their seats throughout the entire narrative. The pacing is flawless, with each chapter building upon the previous one, steadily increasing both tension and anticipation. As the crew confronts numerous challenges, including ghostly apparitions, countless dangers, and not to mention their own personal demons, readers are taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

One of the strongest points of this novel is the well-developed and memorable characters. Captain Hawser's unwavering determination and unwavering leadership make him a fascinating protagonist. His crew, each with their own unique quirks and skills, adds depth and authenticity to the story. The author's attention to detail in portraying the life aboard a ship during this era is commendable. From the vivid descriptions of the maritime world to the authentic dialogue that brings the characters to life, Jacobs truly transports readers to another time and place.

The plot itself is intricately crafted, effortlessly blending elements of historical fiction and supernatural suspense. The mystery surrounding the island and the secrets it holds gradually unfolds as the story progresses, keeping readers guessing until the very end. Jacobs has a knack for surprises, making sure that even the most seasoned readers will be kept on their toes.

If there is one small critique, it is that the book occasionally becomes burdened by its own intricacies. Some portions could have been condensed or trimmed to maintain a smoother flow. Nevertheless, this is a minor flaw in an otherwise exceptional novel.

In The Nest Egg Captains All, Book 3, W. W. Jacobs crafts an enthralling and swashbuckling tale that will satisfy both fans of maritime adventures and lovers of mystery and suspense. With its engaging characters, thrilling plot, and remarkable attention to detail, this book is a testament to the author's storytelling prowess. Be prepared to get lost in the high seas, for Jacobs will take you on a voyage you won't soon forget.

First Page:


By W.W. Jacobs


[Illustration: "The Nest Egg."]

"Artfulness," said the night watch man, smoking placidly, "is a gift; but it don't pay always. I've met some artful ones in my time plenty of 'em; but I can't truthfully say as 'ow any of them was the better for meeting me."

He rose slowly from the packing case on which he had been sitting and, stamping down the point of a rusty nail with his heel, resumed his seat, remarking that he had endured it for some time under the impression that it was only a splinter.

"I've surprised more than one in my time," he continued, slowly. "When I met one of these 'ere artful ones I used fust of all to pretend to be more stupid than wot I really am."

He stopped and stared fixedly.

"More stupid than I looked," he said. He stopped again.

"More stupid than wot they thought I looked," he said, speaking with marked deliberation. And I'd let 'em go on and on until I thought I had 'ad about enough, and then turn round on 'em. Nobody ever got the better o' me except my wife, and that was only before we was married. Two nights arterwards she found a fish hook in my trouser pocket, and arter that I could ha' left untold gold there if I'd ha' had it. It spoilt wot some people call the honey moon, but it paid in the long run... Continue reading book >>

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