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Odd Man Out Sailor's Knots, Part 6.   By: (1863-1943)

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Odd Man Out Sailor's Knots, Part 6 by W. W. Jacobs is a humorous and entertaining collection of short stories that revolve around the misadventures of seafarers. With his signature wit and clever storytelling, Jacobs captures the essence of life at sea, bringing to life a diverse group of characters who find themselves in peculiar situations.

The book's strength lies in its ability to transport readers to the unpredictable world of sailors. Through vivid descriptions and authentic dialogue, Jacobs recreates the unique atmosphere and challenges faced by those who navigate the open waters. Whether it's the hazards of navigation or the interpersonal dynamics among crew members, the author effortlessly immerses the reader in a world where every day is an adventure.

One of the standout features of this collection is the variety of tales it offers. Each story presents a different scenario, ensuring that the reader is constantly engaged and surprised. From mysterious sightings to unexpected encounters, Jacobs weaves a captivating narrative that keeps readers eagerly turning the pages. The humor embedded in these stories further adds to the enjoyment, with the author skillfully using wit and situational comedy to elicit laughter.

Moreover, the characters in Odd Man Out Sailor's Knots, Part 6 are truly memorable. Jacobs excels at creating relatable and flawed individuals, making them instantly recognizable and endearing. Whether it's the superstitious old salt or the ambitious young sailor, the characters are multi-dimensional and relatable, making their adventures all the more enjoyable to follow.

However, the collection does have a few shortcomings. Some of the stories in this volume lack a clear resolution, leaving readers wanting more closure or further development. Additionally, the pacing of a few tales tends to be uneven, with certain sections feeling rushed while others slow down the overall momentum of the narrative.

Overall, Odd Man Out Sailor's Knots, Part 6 by W. W. Jacobs is an entertaining and lighthearted collection of maritime tales. With its skilled storytelling, relatable characters, and humorous situations, it is a delightful read for those looking to escape to the thrilling and unpredictable world of sailors. While it may have a few minor flaws, it remains a commendable addition to any lover of maritime fiction's bookshelf.

First Page:


By W.W. Jacobs



The night watchman pursed up his lips and shook his head. Friendship, he said, decidedly, is a deloosion and a snare. I've 'ad more friendships in my life than most people owing to being took a fancy to for some reason or other and they nearly all came to a sudden ending.

[Illustration: "Friendship, he said, decidedly, is a deloosion and a snare."]

I remember one man who used to think I couldn't do wrong; everything I did was right to 'im; and now if I pass 'im in the street he makes a face as if he'd got a hair in 'is mouth. All because I told 'im the truth one day when he was thinking of getting married. Being a bit uneasy like in his mind, he asked me 'ow, supposing I was a gal, his looks would strike me.

It was an orkard question, and I told him that he 'ad got a good 'art and that no man could 'ave a better pal. I said he 'ad got a good temper and was free with 'is money. O' course, that didn't satisfy 'im, and at last he told me to take a good look at 'im and tell him wot I thought of 'is looks. There was no getting out of it, and at last I 'ad to tell him plain that everybody 'ad diff'rent ideas about looks; that looks wasn't everything; and that 'andsome is as 'andsome does. Even then 'e wasn't satisfied, and at last I told 'im, speaking as a pal to a pal, that if I was a gal and he came along trying to court me, I should go to the police about it... Continue reading book >>

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