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Our Young Folks, Vol 1, No. 1 An Illustrated Magazine   By:

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Our Young Folks, Vol 1, No. 1 is an enchanting collection of stories, poems, and illustrations that captivate young minds and transport them to imaginative worlds. This delightful magazine, curated by various talented authors and artists, is a treasure trove of creativity and entertainment for children.

The publication opens with a lovely poem, setting the tone for the rest of the material. It immediately grabs the reader's attention and sparks their imagination. As an adult reader, I found myself engrossed in these pages, reminiscing about the enchantment of childhood.

The stories in this volume are diverse in genre and style, catering to a broad range of interests. From adventure tales to moral allegories and fantastical adventures, each story takes the reader on a unique journey. The authors skillfully weave relatable themes and emotions into their narratives, making them relatable and accessible to young readers.

Moreover, the inclusion of beautiful illustrations throughout the magazine adds an extra layer of charm to the reading experience. The colorful images breathe life into the stories, making them come alive in the reader's mind. The artists truly deserve commendation for their remarkable skill and ability to create visual magic.

One aspect that stands out in this volume is its emphasis on moral lessons and teaching values. Through the stories, children are introduced to concepts such as kindness, courage, and perseverance. These tales serve as gentle reminders of the importance of empathy and integrity, imparting valuable lessons to young readers while they enjoy the stories.

However, it is worth noting that some of the stories may feel a bit dated to modern readers. Certain aspects, such as language or cultural references, may not resonate as strongly with today's young audience. Nevertheless, this should not discourage readers, as these stories still retain their inherent charm and rich storytelling.

In conclusion, Our Young Folks, Vol 1, No. 1 is a delightful magazine that combines captivating stories and beautiful illustrations to create a truly enjoyable reading experience. Its ability to engage young readers while imparting valuable lessons makes it a valuable addition to any child's library. This volume sets the stage for future installments, promising an exciting journey ahead for children eager to explore the realms of imagination.

First Page:


An Illustrated Magazine


VOL. I. JANUARY, 1865. NO. I.


At Rye Beach, during our summer's vacation, there came, as there always will to seaside visitors, two or three cold, chilly, rainy days, days when the skies that long had not rained a drop seemed suddenly to bethink themselves of their remissness, and to pour down water, not by drops, but by pailfuls. The chilly wind blew and whistled, the water dashed along the ground, and careered in foamy rills along the roadside, and the bushes bent beneath the constant flood. It was plain that there was to be no sea bathing on such a day, no walks, no rides; and so, shivering and drawing our blanket shawls close about us, we sat down to the window to watch the storm outside. The rose bushes under the window hung dripping under their load of moisture, each spray shedding a constant shower on the spray below it. On one of these lower sprays, under the perpetual drip, what should we see but a poor little humming bird, drawn up into the tiniest shivering ball, and clinging with a desperate grasp to his uncomfortable perch. A humming bird we knew him to be at once, though his feathers were so matted and glued down by the rain that he looked not much bigger than a honey bee, and as different as possible from the smart, pert, airy little character that we had so often seen flirting with the flowers... Continue reading book >>

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