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A Plea for Old Cap Collier   By: (1876-1944)

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A Plea for Old Cap Collier by Irvin S. Cobb is a delightful collection of anecdotes, showcasing the wit and wisdom of its titular character. With his charming charm and unique perspective, Old Cap Collier takes readers on a journey through small town life, sharing tales of the people and places that make up his world.

One of the greatest strengths of this book lies in the colorful cast of characters that Cobb introduces. From quirky townsfolk to eccentric personalities, each individual adds a certain flair to the narrative. Old Cap Collier himself is a truly captivating character, possessing a sharp wit and a heartwarming wisdom that leaves readers feeling like they have gained a friend.

The stories within A Plea for Old Cap Collier offer a glimpse into a bygone era, where simplicity and human connection reigned supreme. Through his writings, Cobb transports readers to a time when life moved at a slower pace and neighbors truly looked out for one another. These tales serve as a reminder of the importance of community and the enduring values that can be found in even the smallest of towns.

Cobb's writing style is engaging and immersive, effortlessly drawing readers into the world he has created. His use of vivid descriptions and colorful language paints a vivid picture of the settings and characters, making them feel alive and relatable. The author's wit and sense of humor shine through on every page, adding levity to even the most mundane situations.

While A Plea for Old Cap Collier is an entertaining read, it also serves a deeper purpose. Through his stories, Cobb highlights the importance of preserving traditions and valuing the wisdom of our elders. His plea for the recognition of the wisdom and experience that come with age is a powerful message that resonates long after the final page is turned.

In conclusion, A Plea for Old Cap Collier is a captivating collection of stories that transports readers to a simpler time. Irvin S. Cobb's wit, charm, and keen observation of human nature make this book a joy to read. Whether you are seeking a lighthearted escape or a heartfelt reminder of the value of community and wisdom, this book is sure to entertain and inspire.

First Page:


By Irvin S. Cobb

To Will H. Hogg, Esquire

For a good many years now I have been carrying this idea round with me. It was more or less of a loose and unformed idea, and it wouldn't jell. What brought it round to the solidification point was this: Here the other week, being half sick, I was laid up over Sunday in a small hotel in a small seacoast town. I had read all the newspapers and all the magazines I could get hold of. The local bookstore, of course, was closed. They won't let the oysters stay open on Sunday in that town. The only literature my fellow guests seemed interested in was mailorder tabs and price currents.

Finally, when despair was about to claim me for her own, I ran across an ancient Fifth Reader, all tattered and stained and having that smell of age which is common to old books and old sheep. I took it up to bed with me, and I read it through from cover to cover. Long before I was through the very idea which for so long had been sloshing round inside of my head this idea which, as one might say, had been aged in the wood took shape. Then and there I decided that the very first chance I had I would sit me down and write a plea for Old Cap Collier.

In my youth I was spanked freely and frequently for doing many different things that were forbidden, and also for doing the same thing many different times and getting caught doing it... Continue reading book >>

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