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Quotations from Georg Ebers   By: (1932-)

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UARDA, by Georg Ebers, v1 [GE01][ge01v10.txt]5439

A dirty road serves when it makes for the goal Colored cakes in the shape of beasts Deficient are as guilty in their eyes as the idle For fear of the toothache, had his sound teeth drawn Hatred between man and man Hatred for all that hinders the growth of light How tender is thy severity Judge only by appearances, and never enquire into the causes Often happens that apparent superiority does us damage Seditious words are like sparks, which are borne by the wind The scholar's ears are at his back: when he is flogged Title must not be a bill of fare Youth should be modest, and he was assertive

UARDA, by Georg Ebers, v2 [GE02][ge02v10.txt]5440

Blossom of the thorny wreath of sorrow Eyes kind and frank, without tricks of glance Money is a pass key that turns any lock Repugnance for the old laws began to take root in his heart Thou canst say in words what we can only feel Whether the form of our benevolence does more good or mischief

UARDA, by Georg Ebers, v3 [GE03][ge03v10.txt]5441

Bearers of ill ride faster than the messengers of weal Do not spoil the future for the sake of the present Exhibit one's happiness in the streets, and conceal one's misery Impartial looker on sees clearer than the player Learn to obey, that later you may know how to command Man has nothing harder to endure than uncertainty Many creditors are so many allies One should give nothing up for lost excepting the dead Our thinkers are no heroes, and our heroes are no sages Overbusy friends are more damaging than intelligent enemies Prepare sorrow when we come into the world The experienced love to signify their superiority We quarrel with no one more readily than with the benefactor

UARDA, by Georg Ebers, v4 [GE04][ge04v10.txt]5442

Ardently they desire that which transcends sense Every misfortune brings its fellow with it Medicines work harm as often as good No good excepting that from which we expect the worst Obstinacy which he liked to call firm determination Only the choice between lying and silence Patronizing friendliness Principle of over estimating the strength of our opponents Provide yourself with a self devised ruler Successes, like misfortunes, never come singly The beginning of things is not more attractive

UARDA, by Georg Ebers, v5 [GE05][ge05v10.txt]5443

Ask for what is feasible I know that I am of use Like the cackle of hens, which is peculiar to Eastern women Think of his wife, not with affection only, but with pride Those whom we fear, says my uncle, we cannot love

UARDA, by Georg Ebers, v6 [GE06][ge06v10.txt]5444

Her white cat was playing at her feet Human sacrifices, which had been introduced into Egypt by the Phoenicians The dressing and undressing of the holy images Thought that the insane were possessed by demons Use words instead of swords, traps instead of lances

UARDA, by Georg Ebers, v7 [GE07][ge07v10.txt]5445

Age when usually even bad liquor tastes of honey How easy it is to give wounds, and how hard it is to heal Kisra called wine the soap of sorrow No one so self confident and insolent as just such an idiot The mother of foresight looks backwards

UARDA, by Georg Ebers, v8 [GE08][ge08v10.txt]5446

An admirer of the lovely color of his blue bruises Called his daughter to wash his feet Desert is a wonderful physician for a sick soul He is clever and knows everything, but how silly he looks now If it were right we should not want to hide ourselves None of us really know anything rightly One falsehood usually entails another Refreshed by the whip of one of the horsemen

UARDA, by Georg Ebers, v9 [GE09][ge09v10... Continue reading book >>

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