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A Romance Of Tompkins Square 1891   By: (1849-1913)

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A Romance Of Tompkins Square 1891 by Thomas A. Janvier is a captivating tale that transports readers to the bustling streets of New York City in the late 19th century. From the very first page, the vivid descriptions and attention to historical detail create a rich and immersive setting that brings the era to life.

The story revolves around a young woman named Lillian Sinclair, who finds herself at a crossroads in her life. As she navigates the challenges of being a working-class woman in a patriarchal society, the author skillfully portrays the realities and limitations imposed on women during this time period.

Janvier's writing style is elegant and poetic, drawing readers in with his lyrical prose and ability to create complex and relatable characters. Lillian is portrayed as a strong-willed and determined protagonist, challenging the societal norms and fighting for her place in the world. Her journey is filled with heartache, but also moments of joy and empowerment that make her story all the more compelling.

One of the standout elements of this novel is the intricate exploration of the immigrant experience. Janvier delves into the cultural and social dynamics of the different immigrant communities that resided in New York City, particularly focusing on the German and Irish populations. Through nuanced portrayals of various characters, he sheds light on the struggles, prejudices, and triumphs that they faced in their quest for a better life.

The plot of the novel is layered and unfolds at a steady pace, expertly blending romance, drama, and historical events. Janvier seamlessly weaves together multiple storylines, creating a tapestry of interconnected lives that keeps the reader engaged throughout. Each chapter reveals new surprises and twists that fuel the narrative and deepen the emotional investment in the characters.

However, one minor drawback of the book is the occasionally slow pacing, especially in certain sections where the historical context takes precedence. While the author's attention to detail is admirable, it can at times detract from the overall momentum of the story.

Despite this small criticism, A Romance Of Tompkins Square 1891 is a beautifully written novel that transports readers back in time. Through captivating storytelling and nuanced character development, Janvier explores themes of love, resilience, and the pursuit of dreams. This book is a must-read for historical fiction enthusiasts and anyone looking for a compelling tale that combines romance and social commentary.

First Page:


By Thomas A. Janvier

Copyright, 1891, by Harper & Brothers

Whether the honey shall be brought to the boiling point slowly or rapidly; whether it shall boil a long time or a short time; when and in what quantities the flour shall be added; how long the kneading shall last; in what size of earthen pot the dough shall be stored, and what manner of cover upon these pots best preserves the dough against the assaults of damp and mould; whether the pots shall be half buried in the cool earth of the cellar or ranged on shelves to be freely exposed to the cool cellar air all these several matters are enshrouded in a mystery that is penetrated only by the elect few of Nürnberg bakers by whom perfect lebkuchen is made. And the same is true of the Brunswick bakers, who call this rare compound honigkuchen, and of the makers of pferfferkuchen, as it is called by the bakers of Saxony.

Nor does the mystery end here. This first stage in the making of lebkuchen is but means to an end, and for the compassing of that end the blending and the baking of the finished and perfect honey cake each master baker has his own especial recipe, that has come down to him from some ancestral baker of rare parts, or that by his own inborn genius has been directly inspired. And so, whether the toothsome result be Nürnberger lebkuchen, or Brunsscheiger peppernotte, or Basler leckerly, the making of it is a mystery from first to last... Continue reading book >>

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