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Sacred Books of the East   By: (1845-1916)

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Including Selections from the Vedic Hymns, Zend Avesta, Dhammapada, Upanishads, the Koran, and the Life of Buddha, with Critical and Biographical Sketches by Epiphanius Wilson, A.M.




Introduction To the Unknown God To the Maruts To the Maruts and Indra To Indra and the Maruts To Agni and the Maruts To Rudra To Rudra To Agní and the Maruts To Vâyu To Vâyu Indra and Agastya: A Dialogue To Soma and Rudra To Rudra To Vâta To Vâta


Introduction Discovery of the Zend Avesta The Creation Myth of Yima The Earth Contracts and Outrages Uncleanness Funerals and Purification Cleansing the Unclean Spells Recited During the Cleansing To Fires, Waters, Plants To the Earth and the Sacred Waters Prayer for Helpers A Prayer for Sanctity and its Benefits To the Fire To the Bountiful Immortals Praise of the Holy Bull To Rain as a Healing Power To the Waters and Light of the Sun To the Waters and Light of the Moon To the Waters and Light of the Stars


Introduction CHAPTER I. The Twin Verses II. On Earnestness III. Thought IV. Flowers V. The Fool VI. The Wise Man VII. The Venerable VIII. The Thousands IX. Evil X. Punishment XI. Old Age XII. Self XIII. The World XIV. The Buddha The Awakened XV. Happiness XVI. Pleasure XVII. Anger XVIII. Impurity XIX. The Just XX. The Way XXI. Miscellaneous XXII. The Downward Course XXIII. The Elephant XXIV. Thirst XXV. The Bhikshu XXVI. The Brâhmana



KAUSHÍTAKI UPANISHAD. The Couch of Brahman Knowledge of the Living Spirit Life and Consciousness


Introduction Mohammed and Mohammedanism Chapter I. Entitled, the Preface Chapter II. Entitled, the Cow Chapter III. Entitled, the Family of Imran Chapter IV. Entitled, Women Chapter V. Entitled, the Table



CHAPTER I. The Birth Living in the Palace Disgust at Sorrow Putting Away Desire Leaving the City

CHAPTER II. The Return of Kandaka Entering the Place of Austerities The General Grief of the Palace The Mission to Seek the Prince

CHAPTER III. Bimbisara Râga Invites the Prince The Reply to Bimbisara Râga Visit to Ârada Udrarama Defeats Mara O wei san pou ti (Abhisambodhi) Turning the Law wheel

CHAPTER IV. Bimbisara Râga Becomes a Disciple The Great Disciple Becomes a Hermit Conversion of the "Supporter of the Orphans and Destitute" Interview Between Father and Son Receiving the Getavana Vihara Escaping the Drunken Elephant and Devadatta The Lady Âmra Sees Buddha

CHAPTER V. By Spiritual Power Fixing His Term of Years The Differences of the Likkhavis Parinirvana Mahaparinirvana Praising Nirvana Division of the Sariras


Translation by F. Max Müller.


The Vedic Hymns are among the most interesting portions of Hindoo literature. In form and spirit they resemble both the poems of the Hebrew psalter and the lyrics of Pindar. They deal with the most elemental religious conceptions and are full of the imagery of nature. It would be absurd to deny to very many of them the possession of the truest poetic inspiration. The scenery of the Himalayas, ice and snow, storm and tempest, lend their majesty to the strains of the Vedic poet. He describes the storm sweeping over the white crested mountains till the earth, like a hoary king, trembles with fear. The Maruts, or storm gods, are terrible, glorious, musical, riding on strong hoofed, never wearying steeds. There is something Homeric, Pindaric in these epithets. Yet Soma and Rudra are addressed, though they wield sharp weapons; and sharp bolts, i... Continue reading book >>

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