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Scandinavian influence on Southern Lowland Scotch   By:

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[Transcriber's Note:

This text includes a number of characters that could not be fully represented in Latin 1 text encoding. These characters are shown within brackets: [g] = Gaelic g [vg] = g with caron ^{u} superscript u (circumflex accent is not used in this text) Vowels with diacritics are "unpacked" and shown from top to bottom. Some examples: [´æ] = æ with acute accent [ e] = e with macron (long e) [)e] = e with breve (short e) [e,] = e with ogonek (hook open to right)

Italicized letters or words are enclosed in underlines .]


A Contribution to the Study of the Linguistic Relations of English and Scandinavian


GEORGE TOBIAS FLOM, B.L., A.M. Sometime Fellow in German, Columbia University


Copyright 1900, Columbia University Press, New York

Reprinted with the permission of the Original Publisher, 1966

AMS PRESS, INC. New York, N.Y. 10003 1966

Manufactured in the United States of America


P. vi, l. 10, for norrnøe , read norrøne .

P. viii, l. 5, for Wyntown , read Wyntoun and so elsewhere.

P. x, l. 11 from bottom, for Koolmann , read Koolman and so elsewhere.

P. xi, l. 1, for Paul , read Kluge ; l. 2, for Hermann Paul , read Friedrich Kluge .

P. 5, l. 6 from bottom, for in York , read and York .

P. 13, last line, for or [ æ] [ e,], read [ æ] or [ e,].

P. 18, l. 3 from bottom, for Skaif , read Skæif .

P. 19, l. 13, for is to , read is to be .

P. 21, l. 10, for Fiad , read Faid .

P. 26, l. 2, aparasta should be aprasta .

P. 31, under Bront (See Skeat brunt ) should be See Skeat brunt .

P. 32, under Byrd , for b[ o]ræ, read böræ.

P. 47, under Hansel, for Bruce, V, 120, Hansell used ironically means "defeat," read: Bruce, V, 120, hansell, etc.

P. 50, under Laike , for i diphthong , read æi diphthong .

P. 66, under Swarf , in the last line for O. Fr. read O.F.

P. 74, l. 19, for e to a , read e to æ .

[Transcriber's Note: The above changes, listed in the printed book, have been made in the e text without further notation. In addition, all references to Paul's Grundriss, 2 Auflage, I Band have been regularized to P.G.(2)I to agree with the author's list of abbreviations.

The following apparent errors, not mentioned in the Errata, have not been changed but are noted here:

P. 5, last line, the form b[`y]r ?should be the form býr

P. 28 Bein, bene, bein : duplication in original

P. 28 under Bing , Douglass ?should be Douglas

P. 29 under Blout, blowt , Douglas, III, 76; II, ?should be Douglas, III, 76, 11

P. 49 under Irking , Winyet, II, 76; I ?should be II, 76, 1

P. 55 under Quey, quoy : O. N. Norse

P. 69 under Skyle , Fer. ?should be Far.

P. 79 under [ æ] , [ æ] > e, e ?should be [ æ] > a, e

End of Transcriber's Note.]


Prof. WILLIAM H. CARPENTER, Ph.D. Prof. CALVIN THOMAS, A.M. Prof. THOMAS R. PRICE, LL.D. of Columbia University in the City of New York



This work aims primarily at giving a list of Scandinavian loanwords found in Scottish literature. The publications of the Scottish Text Society and Scotch works published by the Early English Text Society have been examined. To these have been added a number of other works to which I had access, principally Middle Scotch. Some words have been taken from works more recent "Mansie Wauch" by James Moir, "Johnnie Gibb" by William Alexander, Isaiah and The Psalms by P. Hately Waddell partly to illustrate New Scotch forms, but also because they help to show the dialectal provenience of loanwords... Continue reading book >>

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