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The Secret of Kralitz   By: (1915-1958)

The Secret of Kralitz by Henry Kuttner

In Henry Kuttner's intriguing novel, readers are transported to the fictional town of Kralitz, where an ancient secret lies hidden within neglected manuscripts. The Secret of Kralitz presents a unique and captivating blend of mystery, folklore, and dark fantasy that keeps readers enthralled until the final page.

Set in the early 20th century, the story follows a disenchanted writer named Robert Howard, who stumbles upon a forgotten box of manuscripts while researching his latest novel. Curiosity takes hold of him as he delves into the world of Kralitz, a town known for its peculiar legends and eerie atmosphere. As he uncovers the secrets within these forgotten writings, he unwittingly sets off a chain of events that unlock the dangerous forces of Kralitz's past.

Kuttner's masterful storytelling shines throughout the narrative, with each chapter revealing a layer of mystery that keeps readers guessing. The author skillfully interweaves elements of the supernatural into the fabric of everyday life, painting a vivid picture of Kralitz's chilling ambiance. From the ghostly apparitions that haunt the town to the enigmatic rituals performed by its inhabitants, the sense of unease and anticipation is palpable.

The characters in The Secret of Kralitz are a delight to follow. Robert Howard, the protagonist, is portrayed with depth, struggling with personal demons while unearthing the mysteries of Kralitz. His determination and vulnerability make him relatable, giving readers a strong connection to the unfolding events. The supporting cast is equally engaging, each playing an integral role in highlighting different aspects of the novel's eerie atmosphere.

Kuttner's attention to detail is commendable. The reader is transported into the heart of Kralitz, with its cobblestone streets, ancient buildings, and a sense of dread hanging in the air. The author's vivid descriptions not only paint a clear picture of the setting but also create an immersive experience for the reader, heightening the tension and anticipation as the story progresses.

One of the novel's strength lies in its exploration of folklore and mythology. Kuttner seamlessly incorporates various legends and myths into the narrative, adding richness and depth to the story. As he weaves these tales into the fabric of Kralitz's history, the line between reality and myth becomes increasingly blurred, leaving readers captivated by the enigmatic world Kuttner has created.

While the overall pacing of The Secret of Kralitz is steady, there are moments when the story could have benefited from a slightly faster tempo. Some readers may find certain sections to be drawn out, particularly during the extensive archival research that Robert Howard conducts. However, these occasional lulls in momentum are quickly compensated by the gripping revelations and eerie encounters that punctuate the narrative.

In conclusion, The Secret of Kralitz is a captivating blend of mystery, fantasy, and folklore that will leave readers spellbound. Henry Kuttner's masterful storytelling, richly developed characters, and an atmospheric setting make this novel an engaging read from start to finish. Any lover of dark fantasy and intricate mysteries will undoubtedly find themselves swept away by the secrets that lie within the hidden manuscripts of Kralitz.

First Page:

The Secret of Kralitz


[Transcriber Note: This etext was produced from Weird Tales October 1936. Extensive research did not uncover any evidence that the U.S. copyright on this publication was renewed.]

[Sidenote: A story of the shocking revelation that came to the twenty first Baron Kralitz ]

I awoke from profound sleep to find two black swathed forms standing silently beside me, their faces pale blurs in the gloom. As I blinked to clear my sleep dimmed eyes, one of them beckoned impatiently, and suddenly I realized the purpose of this midnight summons. For years I had been expecting it, ever since my father, the Baron Kralitz, had revealed to me the secret and the curse that hung over our ancient house. And so, without a word, I rose and followed my guides as they led me along the gloomy corridors of the castle that had been my home since birth.

As I proceeded there rose up in my mind the stern face of my father, and in my ears rang his solemn words as he told me of the legendary curse of the House of Kralitz, the unknown secret that was imparted to the eldest son of each generation at a certain time.

"When?" I had asked my father as he lay on his death bed, fighting back the approach of dissolution.

"When you are able to understand," he had told me, watching my face intently from beneath his tufted white brows... Continue reading book >>

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