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A Short History of Spain   By: (1843-1911)

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A Short History of Spain by Mary Platt Parmele explores the rich and complex tapestry of Spain's past, from its ancient roots to the present day. In this concise yet comprehensive account, Parmele adeptly navigates through the numerous political, social, and cultural shifts that have shaped Spain over the centuries.

One of the book's greatest strengths lies in its ability to condense several millennia of history into a readable and accessible format. Parmele expertly distills the crucial events and key figures that have defined Spain's trajectory, ensuring that readers gain a solid understanding of its historical development without feeling overwhelmed by unnecessary details.

Moreover, Parmele showcases her meticulous research skills, providing a wealth of information while maintaining an engaging narrative. She seamlessly weaves together anecdotes, primary sources, and scholarly analysis, making the historical account both informative and captivating. This approach allows readers to not only appreciate the overarching themes but also gain insight into the lived experiences of the people who have inhabited the Iberian Peninsula.

The author's writing style is clear and concise, avoiding unnecessary jargon, which further contributes to the book's accessibility. Parmele's ability to break down complex concepts into digestible explanations ensures that readers of various backgrounds can comprehend and appreciate the material. Additionally, her inclusion of maps, illustrations, and timelines enhances the reading experience, facilitating a better grasp of the geographical and chronological contexts.

Despite its brevity, A Short History of Spain does not neglect the nuanced struggles and triumphs that have marked Spain's past. Parmele artfully addresses topics such as cultural exchanges with the Islamic world, the Spanish Inquisition, colonial conquests, and the Spanish Civil War. By delving into these pivotal moments, she illuminates the impact of Spain's history on its identity as a nation and its place in the world.

However, it is worth noting that due to the book's size constraints, certain periods or aspects of Spain's history may receive more attention than others. While Parmele skillfully provides readers with a solid foundation, those seeking an in-depth exploration of specific periods or themes may need to consult supplementary resources.

Overall, A Short History of Spain presents a compelling and insightful overview of this fascinating country. Mary Platt Parmele's ability to distill complex historical events into a concise and engaging narrative makes this book an excellent starting point for readers interested in exploring Spain's vibrant past. Whether a novice or a seasoned history enthusiast, this book offers an accessible and enriching journey through the epochs that have shaped Spain into the nation we know today.

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[Transcriber's Note: Original spellings have been retained, including those that are inconsistent within the document. An error in the Table of Contents has been corrected from page 154 to page 156.]








[Illustration: From the portrait by Titian. Charles V.]


In presenting this book to the public the author can only reiterate what she has already said in works of a similar kind: that she has tried to exclude the mass of confusing details which often make the reading of history a dreary task; and to keep closely to those facts which are vital to the unfolding of the narrative. This is done under a strong conviction that the essential facts in history are those which reveal and explain the development of a nation, rather than the incidents, more or less entertaining, which have attended such development. And also under another conviction: that a little, thoroughly comprehended, is better than much imperfectly remembered and understood.


NEW YORK. June 15, 1898.


CHAPTER I. Ancient Iberia The Basques The Keltberians The Phenicians Cadiz Founded, 1

CHAPTER II... Continue reading book >>

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