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Sir Francis Drake Revived   By:

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Sir Francis Drake Revived is a fascinating compilation of accounts and letters, edited by Philip Nichols, that sheds light on the life and voyages of the renowned English explorer, Sir Francis Drake. Told through a series of documents, this book provides a unique insight into Drake's adventures and the impact he made on the world.

One of the most striking aspects of this book is how it brings together various perspectives and voices from different sources, including personal correspondences, official reports, and even a fictionalized account. This diversity of perspectives allows readers to form a well-rounded understanding of Drake's character, motivations, and the historical context in which he operated.

Nichols has done an excellent job in curating and arranging these materials, making them accessible to readers while also providing helpful annotations that clarify references and historical events. The book begins with an illuminating introduction, setting the stage for Drake's emergence as a mariner and examining his significance in history. It then follows a chronological order, taking us through Drake's early undertakings, his legendary circumnavigation of the globe, and his various encounters with Spanish forces.

Throughout the narrative, Nichols skillfully weaves together the personal and the professional aspects of Drake's life. His commitment to exploring Drake's motivations and the impact of his actions showcases a deep understanding of the subject matter. Moreover, the inclusion of letters between Drake and his contemporaries, such as his feud with William Flemyng, provides invaluable insights into the competitive nature of the era and the complexities of Drake's relationships.

The book also delves into the controversies surrounding Drake's plundering of Spanish ships and his involvement in the slave trade. Nichols tackles these thorny issues with sensitivity, presenting contrasting views without overt bias. By doing so, he encourages readers to critically engage with the moral complexities of Drake's actions, prompting discussions on the ethical implications of exploration and colonization during this period.

While the extensive use of primary sources adds depth to the narrative, it can also make the text feel fragmented at times. Some letters, especially those with repetitive information, could have been omitted or summarized to streamline the reading experience. However, this minor drawback hardly detracts from the overall quality of the book.

In conclusion, Sir Francis Drake Revived is an engrossing and comprehensive examination of the life and exploits of a legendary explorer. Nichols' meticulous editing and insightful commentary make this book an invaluable resource for anyone interested in Drake's adventures, as well as the broader historical, cultural, and ethical landscapes of the Elizabethan era.

First Page:


By Philip Nichols

Editor: Philip Nichols


This text was originally prepared from a 1910 edition, published by P F Collier & Son Company, New York. It included this note:

Faithfully taken out of the report of Master Christopher Ceely, Ellis Hixom, and others, who were in the same Voyage with him By Philip Nichols, Preacher Reviewed by Sir Francis Drake himself Set forth by Sir Francis Drake, Baronet (his nephew)



Sir Francis Drake, the greatest of the naval adventurers of England of the time of Elizabeth, was born in Devonshire about 1540. He went to sea early, was sailing to the Spanish Main by 1565, and commanded a ship under Hawkins in an expedition that was overwhelmed by the Spaniards in 1567. In order to recompense himself for the loss suffered in this disaster, he equipped the expedition against the Spanish treasure house at Nombre de Dios in 1572, the fortunes of which are described in the first of the two following narratives. It was on this voyage that he was led by native guides to "that goodly and great high tree" on the isthmus of Darien, from which, first of Englishmen, he looked on the Pacific, and "besought Almighty God of His goodness to give him life and leave to sail once in an English ship in that sea... Continue reading book >>

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