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Socialism: Positive and Negative   By:

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In Robert Rives La Monte's thought-provoking work, the author delves into the fascinating realm of socialism, with an aim to provide an unbiased analysis of its positive and negative aspects. Through meticulous research and an articulate narrative, La Monte presents an impeccable argument that challenges the misconceptions surrounding this political ideology.

La Monte begins by meticulously outlining the fundamental principles of socialism, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of its essence. He explores various socialist movements and critically evaluates their historical backgrounds, examining in detail how these ideologies were implemented and manifested in different societies.

What sets this book apart is La Monte's unwavering commitment to presenting a balanced perspective. He navigates through a myriad of criticisms and praises, skillfully addressing both the advantages and drawbacks of socialism. The author's deep knowledge and insightful analysis of the subject matter ensure that readers gain a solid foundation for thoughtful evaluation of this often misunderstood political system.

Throughout the book, La Monte attempts to dispel popular myths associated with socialism, emphasizing that it is not a monolithic ideology, but rather a diverse range of philosophies and practices. He thoroughly examines past socialist experiments, highlighting their achievements and failures, and draws valuable lessons from each case. This approach enables readers to grasp the complexity of socialism and appreciate its potential benefits, while also acknowledging its limitations and room for improvement.

One of the notable strengths of La Monte's work is his accessible writing style. He effectively avoids jargon and complex theoretical concepts, making the book accessible to readers from various backgrounds. The author's ability to articulate intricate ideas in a straightforward manner ensures that even those unfamiliar with socialist theories can engage with the content and gain valuable insights.

However, at times, some readers may feel that the author's analysis leans more towards the positive aspects of socialism. While La Monte does not shy away from acknowledging the potential pitfalls of this ideology, a more balanced exploration of its negative consequences would have added another layer of depth to the discourse.

In conclusion, Socialism: Positive and Negative is an engaging and enlightening work that challenges readers to critically examine the merits and drawbacks of socialism. Robert Rives La Monte offers a comprehensive analysis of this political ideology, presenting a balanced narrative that reinforces the need for informed and nuanced conversations surrounding this topic. Whether one supports or opposes socialism, this book serves as an excellent starting point for gaining a deeper understanding of its intricacies and stimulating meaningful debates regarding its role in society.

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"I will make a man more precious than fine gold; even a man than the golden wedge of Ophir." Isaiah xiii, 12.

Chicago Charles H. Kerr & Company 1907

Copyright 1907 by Charles H. Kerr & Company

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Press of John F. Higgins Chicago


M. E. M. AND L. H. M.


Of the papers in this little volume two have appeared in print before: "Science and Socialism" in the International Socialist Review for September, 1900, and "Marxism and Ethics" in Wilshire's Magazine for November, 1905. My thanks are due to the publishers of those periodicals for their kind permission to re print those articles here. The other papers appear here for the first time.

There is an obvious inconsistency between the treatment of Materialism in "Science and Socialism" and its treatment in "The Nihilism of Socialism." I would point out that seven years elapsed between the composition of the former and that of the latter essay. Whether the inconsistency be a sign of mental growth or deterioration my readers must judge for themselves. I will merely say here that the man or woman, whose views remain absolutely fixed and stereotyped for seven years, is cheating the undertaker... Continue reading book >>

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