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Something Will Turn Up   By:

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Something Will Turn Up by David Mason is a thought-provoking and eye-opening exploration of the modern job market and the challenges faced by individuals seeking employment. Mason's expertise as an economist shines through as he dissects the various factors influencing job creation and the impact of economic policies on workforce dynamics.

One of the book's strongest aspects is Mason's ability to convey complex economic concepts in a way that is accessible to readers from different backgrounds. He seamlessly combines facts, data, and personal anecdotes to create a narrative that is both informative and engaging. His writing style is clear and concise, making it easy for readers to follow along and grasp the main ideas.

Throughout the book, Mason delves into the historical context of job markets, dissecting how technological advancements, globalization, and shifting economic paradigms have shaped the way we work. He examines the struggles faced by the working class, discussing the rise of precarious employment, income inequality, and the erosion of job security. These issues are addressed with a meticulous attention to detail, backed up by comprehensive research and analysis.

One of the highlights of Something Will Turn Up is Mason's emphasis on the human side of unemployment. He shares stories of individuals who have experienced job loss and their subsequent struggles to find work. These personal accounts add a poignant touch to the book, reminding readers that unemployment is not just an abstract economic concept but a deeply personal and often devastating experience for many.

Moreover, Mason offers a refreshing perspective on the future of work. He argues that while technological advancements and automation might lead to job displacement, they also have the potential to create new employment opportunities. He explores innovative strategies, such as Universal Basic Income, alternative work arrangements, and re-education programs, that could help society adapt to the changing job landscape.

However, one minor drawback of the book is its occasional reliance on technical jargon, which might deter readers who are not well-versed in economic terminology. While Mason succeeds in breaking down complex topics, there are moments where a more simplified explanation could enhance accessibility.

Overall, Something Will Turn Up is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding the intricacies of the job market and the challenges faced by workers in today's economy. David Mason offers a comprehensive analysis of the economic forces at play, backed by astute insights and compelling storytelling. Whether you're an economist, policy-maker, or simply curious about the future of work, this book offers valuable insights that are sure to provoke discussion and reflection.

First Page:

Transcriber note: This etext was produced from Analog February 1963. Extensive research did not uncover any evidence that the U.S. copyright on this publication was renewed.

Something Will Turn Up

by David Mason

Err ... maybe it had to do with this being a non Parity universe, perhaps? Some things can't be simply inverted, after all....

Illustrated by Brotman


"You, Mr. Rapp?"

Stanley Rapp blinked, considering the matter. He always thought over everything very carefully. Of course, some questions were easier to answer than others. This one, for instance. He had very few doubts about his name.

"Uh," Stanley Rapp said. "Yes. Yes."

He stared at the bearded young man. Living in the Village, even on the better side of it, one saw beards every day, all shapes and sizes of beard. This one was not a psychoanalyst beard, or a folk singer beard; not even an actor beard. This was the scraggly variety, almost certainly a poet beard. Mr. Rapp, while holding no particular prejudice against poets, had not sent for one, he was sure of that.

Then he noticed the toolcase in the bearded young man's hand, lettered large LIGHTNING SERVICE, TV, HI FI.

"Oh," Stanley said, nodding... Continue reading book >>

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