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Sonny, a Christmas Guest   By: (1856-1917)

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First Page:

[Illustration: "I reckon the thing sort o' got started last summer."]







A Christmas Guest

The Boy

Sonny's Christenin'

Sonny's Schoolin'

Sonny's Diploma

Sonny "Keepin' Company"

Weddin' Presents


"I reckon the thing sort o' got started last summer"

"Seem to me he favors her a little thess aroun' the mouth"

"Quick ez he see the clock, he come thoo"

"She does make 'im so contented an' happy"

"Name this child"

"An' then Sonny, seein' it all over, he come down"

"He was watchin' a bird nest on the way to that school"

"He had been playin' out o' doors bare feeted"

"Any question he missed was to be passed on to them thet had been grad'jatin' so fast"

"'This orange is the earth, an' this here apple is the sun'"

"What could be sweeter 'n little Mary Elizabeth?"

"When I set here by myself on this po'ch so much these days an' think"

"Seem like a person don't no mo''n realize he's a descendant befo' he's a' ancestor"



[Illustration: 'B']

Boy, you say, doctor? An' she don't know it yet? Then what 're you tellin' me for? No, sir take it away. I don't want to lay my eyes on it till she's saw it not if I am its father. She's its mother , I reckon!

Better lay it down somew'eres an' go to her not there on the rockin' cheer, for somebody to set on 'n' not on the trunk, please. That ain't none o' yo' ord'nary new born bundles, to be dumped on a box that'll maybe be opened sudden d'rec'ly for somethin' needed, an' be dropped ag'in' the wall paper behind it.

It's hers , whether she knows it or not. Don't , for gracious sakes, lay 'im on the table! Anybody knows that's bad luck.

You think it might bother her on the bed? She's that bad? An' they ain't no fire kindled in the settin' room, to lay it in there.

S i r? Well, yas, I I reck'n I'll haf to hold it, ef you say so that is of co'se

Wait , doctor! Don't let go of it yet! Lordy! but I'm thess shore to drop it! Lemme set down first, doctor , here by the fire an' git het th'ugh. Not yet! My ol' shin bones stan' up thess like a pair o' dog irons. Lemme bridge 'em over first 'th somethin' soft. That'll do. She patched that quilt herself. Hold on a minute, 'tel I git the aidges of it under my ol' boots, to keep it f'om saggin' down in the middle.

There, now! Merciful goodness, but I never! I'd rather trus' myself with a whole playin' fountain in blowed glass'n sech ez this.

Stoop down there, doctor, please, sir, an' shove the end o' this quilt a leetle further under my foot, won't you? Ef it was to let up sudden, I wouldn't have no more lap 'n what any other fool man's got.

'N' now you go to her .

I'd feel a heap safeter ef this quilt was nailed to the flo' on each side o'my legs. They're trimblin' so I dunno what minute my feet'll let go their holt.

An' she don't know it yet! An' he layin' here, dressed up in all the little clo'es she sewed! She mus' be purty bad. I dunno, though; maybe that's gen'ally the way.

They're keepin' mighty still in that room. Blessed ef I don't begin to feel 'is warmth in my ol' knee bones! An' he's a breathin' thess ez reg'lar ez that clock, on'y quicker. Lordy! An' she don't know it yet! An' he a boy! He taken that after the Joneses; we've all been boys in our male branch. When that name strikes, seem like it comes to stay. Now for a girl

Wonder if he ain't covered up mos' too close t. Seem like he snuffles purty loud for a beginner.

Doctor! oh , doctor! I say, doctor!

Strange he don't hear 'n' I don't like to holler no louder. Wonder ef she could be worse? Ef I could thess reach somethin' to knock with! I daresn't lif' my foot, less'n the whole business'd fall through.

Oh, doc'! Here he comes now Doctor , I say, don't you think maybe he's covered up too

How's she , doctor? "Thess the same," you say? 'n' she don't know yet about him? "In a couple o' hours," you say? Well, don't lemme keep you, doctor... Continue reading book >>

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