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The Spawn of Ixion, Or The 'Biter Bit', An Allegory   By:

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In James Ewing Cooley's allegorical novella, The Spawn of Ixion, Or The 'Biter Bit', the author skillfully weaves together elements of Greek mythology, historical fiction, and moral philosophy to present a captivating narrative that challenges the reader's perception of fate, choice, and consequence.

Set in ancient Greece, the story follows the tragic protagonist, Ixion, as he embarks on a treacherous journey to seek redemption for his past actions. Cooley's vivid descriptions of the ancient Greek landscape and the characters' emotions transport the reader back in time, allowing for an immersive reading experience.

What sets this book apart is its allegorical nature, which adds depth to the narrative. Cooley ingeniously uses mythological figures and events as metaphors for human experiences and dilemmas. By doing so, he invites readers to ponder the complexities of morality, justice, and personal growth. The symbolism throughout the book is rich and thought-provoking, encouraging introspection long after the final pages have been turned.

One of the most compelling aspects of Cooley's writing is his exploration of the consequences of one's actions. Through Ixion's journey, the author challenges the notion of free will and fate, intertwining them in a gripping manner. This philosophical exploration invites readers to reflect on their own agency in shaping their destinies, while also acknowledging external influences.

Furthermore, Cooley masterfully develops Ixion's character. We witness his transformation from a deeply flawed and troubled character to a man who seeks redemption and self-improvement. The author effectively portrays his internal conflicts, allowing readers to empathize with his struggles and connect with his journey on a personal level.

However, one aspect that may prove challenging for some readers is the antiquated language and writing style. While it adds authenticity to the historical setting, it may require patience and concentration to fully appreciate the prose.

In conclusion, The Spawn of Ixion, Or The 'Biter Bit' is a thought-provoking allegorical novella that seamlessly blends elements of mythology, historical fiction, and philosophical contemplation. James Ewing Cooley's vivid descriptions, intricate symbolism, and compelling character development make for a captivating reading experience. This book is highly recommended for those seeking a thought-provoking and immersive journey into ancient Greek mythology and the complexities of human nature.

First Page:




The 'Biter Bit.'






When Ixion from heaven was hurl'd To hell, to be for ever whirl'd In a perpetual damning wheel, The pit's eternal pains to feel; 'Twas for a bestial, vulgar deed, Whereby that mortal did succeed In sinking Juno to the sod Seducing e'en that beaut'ous god! Abomination foul, was this, To ruin lovely Juno's bliss! To raise in heaven domestic strife, 'Twixt Jupiter and his lov'd wife! With sins that never were forgiven, To scandalize the court of heaven! When Jupiter in pity took This wretch to heaven, on earth forsook, He was a vile contempt'ous thing, Despised by peasant, prince and king; A wand'ring vagrant, shun'd and curst, For sending Æneus to the dust. The aged father of his wife, Base Ixion deprived of life! Into a pit of burning fire He cast poor Æneus to expire! And, while this cruel, murd'rous knave, For sending Æneus to his grave, From every circle under heaven With scorn contemptuous, was driven, This wretched outcast, here forsaken, By Jupiter, was kindly taken Into the realms above the skies, And introduced to deities! E'en at the tables of the gods He set this scoundrel of the clods! Such heavenly condescension should Inspire a mortal's gratitude: In Ixion's base and blacken'd breast Some thankfulness should even rest... Continue reading book >>

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