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The Speaking Voice

The Speaking Voice by Katherine Jewell Everts
By: (d. after 1919)

In "The Speaking Voice" by Katherine Jewell Everts, readers are offered a comprehensive guide to improving their vocal skills and communication abilities. Everts provides a detailed breakdown of the elements that contribute to a strong speaking voice, including breathing techniques, vocal exercises, and tips for overall vocal health. The book is well-organized and easy to follow, making it accessible for readers of all levels of experience. Everts' writing style is engaging and informative, keeping readers interested and motivated to continue working on their speaking voice. Overall, "The Speaking Voice" is a valuable resource for anyone looking to enhance their communication skills and make a lasting impression through their spoken words.

Book Description:
From the Preface of The Speaking Voice: principles of training simplified and condensed: "This book offers a method of voice training which is the result of a deliberate effort to simplify and condense, for general use, the principles which are fundamental to all recognized systems of vocal instruction. It contains practical directions accompanied by simple and fundamental exercises, first for the freeing of the voice and then for developing it when free."

Parts I and II of the book comprise advice on vocal production and techniques, while some chapters in Part III provide detailed guidance on the vocal interpretation of various literary genres, including the essay, various types of poetry, short stories, dramatic monologues and plays. Some chapters comprise mainly examples for practice, and include complete poems and stories.

The reader has endeavoured to follow the author's instructions, but makes no guarantee as to her success, especially in the poetic realm.

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