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Squash Tennis by Richard C. Squires takes readers on a captivating journey into the thrilling world of a unique and lesser-known racquet sport. Through his extensive research and passion for the game, Squires presents a comprehensive guide that not only introduces the fundamentals of squash tennis but also delves into its history, rules, strategies, and notable players.

One of the book's standout features is its structure, which allows for an easy and engaging reading experience. Squires begins by providing a concise overview of the sport, making it accessible to both beginners and seasoned players. He then delves into the equipment required, illustrating the importance of selecting the right racquet, ball, and footwear for optimal performance.

As the chapters progress, Squires delves deeper into the technical aspects of squash tennis, including stroke techniques, serving strategies, and court positioning. The author's articulate explanations are complemented by clear diagrams and illustrations, ensuring that readers grasp the concepts with ease.

What sets this book apart is its historical context. Squires takes readers on a journey through time, exploring the origins of squash tennis and its evolution into the modern sport we know today. Through engaging anecdotes and fascinating trivia, he introduces pivotal figures in the game's development, creating a vivid picture of how squash tennis has grown and gained popularity over the years.

Furthermore, Squires shares his personal experiences and insights, adding a relatable and human element to the content. From sharing anecdotes about famous players to offering tips on mental preparation and dealing with match pressure, the author's passion for the sport shines through.

Squash Tennis successfully combines the technical aspects of the game with its rich history, making it a well-rounded and enjoyable read for both players and enthusiasts. Additionally, Squires' writing style is clear and concise, making complex topics easily understandable.

If I were to critique one aspect of this book, it would be the relatively limited coverage of advanced tactics and strategies. While the author does touch upon more intricate aspects of squash tennis, some readers might have appreciated a more exhaustive exploration of advanced gameplay techniques.

In conclusion, Squash Tennis is a comprehensive guide that offers a compelling account of the sport's history and a detailed overview of its technical aspects. Richard C. Squires' passion for squash tennis is unmistakable throughout the book, making it an excellent resource for anyone looking to dive into this captivating racquet sport.

First Page:


by Richard C. Squires (1931 2003)


[March 1968]


Who Can Play? Strategy Fundamental Strokes Shot Making History of Squash Tennis Court Specifications and Equipment Official Playing Rules [National Champions]


Dick Squires is certainly qualified to produce this manual on "Instant Squash Tennis."

Added to an articulateness which equips him to put his experience and knowledge into words, his background in racquet games is broad, longstanding and at a level sufficiently upper echelon to have garnered national championships in three separate bat and ball sports.

Starting early, in Bronxville, N.Y., he was a member of the National Junior Davis Cup Tennis team at 17. Emerging from The Hill School in 1949 and fitted with the National Junior Tennis Doubles crown, he went through Williams College with the class of 1953.

In 1954, he was 50 percent of the title winning team in the National Squash Racquets men's Doubles Championships, and was ranked seventh nationally in singles. Twice a finalist in the National Intercollegiate Squash Racquets Championship, he was elected President of the National Intercollegiate Association in 1952.

Less active in formal competition for some years, he latterly became interested in a newly burgeoning racquet sport, and attained the pinnacle in the 1966 National Platform Paddle Tennis Doubles Championships... Continue reading book >>

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