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The Story of Fifty-Seven Cents and Others   By:

The Story of Fifty-Seven Cents and Others by Robert Shackleton

In "The Story of Fifty-Seven Cents and Others," author Robert Shackleton masterfully weaves together a collection of poignant tales that leave a profound impact on the reader. Through a compilation of twenty-two short stories, Shackleton explores the intricacies of the human condition, offering glimpses into various walks of life and the inherent struggles and triumphs that accompany them.

One of the most commendable aspects of Shackleton's writing is his ability to captivatingly flesh out each character, breathing life into their stories. With exquisite attention to detail, he delves deep into the emotions, motivations, and aspirations of his protagonists, making them profoundly relatable. Whether it's a young aspiring artist struggling to make ends meet, a weary widower seeking solace, or a frustrated office worker yearning for change, Shackleton's characters become familiar faces, inviting empathy and deep reflection.

Furthermore, Shackleton's storytelling displays an impressive range, as he effortlessly oscillates between various genres and themes. From heart-wrenching dramas to introspective narratives and even the occasional dose of humor, Shackleton proves his versatility and command over a diverse range of storytelling styles. This literary diversity ensures that each story remains distinct and engaging, offering fresh perspectives at every turn, thereby avoiding monotony and keeping the reader engrossed.

One of the most striking features of the book is its depiction of human resilience. Shackleton expertly portrays moments of despair and adversity, highlighting the indomitable spirit that exists within all of us. Each story presents the characters with unique challenges and opportunities for growth, resulting in transformative journeys that will surely resonate with readers on an emotional level.

The prose in "The Story of Fifty-Seven Cents and Others" is nothing short of exquisite. Shackleton's writing effortlessly flows, beautifully painting vivid scenes and evoking powerful emotions. Each sentence is carefully crafted, adding depth and nuance to the narrative. The author masterfully balances dialogue, description, and internal monologues, creating a well-rounded and immersive reading experience.

While this collection holds a treasure trove of thought-provoking and emotionally charged stories, some readers might find it daunting to keep up with the constant shifts in characters and themes. The book's structure, although artistically arranged, can occasionally impede the flow of reading, requiring readers to adapt to new narratives every few pages.

Overall, "The Story of Fifty-Seven Cents and Others" stands as a remarkable testament to Robert Shackleton's storytelling prowess. With an abundance of relatable characters, a diverse range of themes, and exquisite prose, this collection of short stories is a deeply moving and intellectually rewarding read. Shackleton's ability to intertwine heartache and hope ensures that readers will be forever touched by these tales, cherishing their literary experience long after the final page is turned.

First Page:

The Story of Fifty Seven Cents


The Story of the Sword The Beginning at Old Lexington The Story of Fifty Seven Cents His Power as a Preacher Gift for Inspiring Others



597 Fifth Avenue, New York


Copyright, 1915, by Harper & Brothers Printed in the United States of America



[Footnote 1: Dr. Conwell was living, and actively at work, when these pages were written. It is, therefore, a much truer picture of his personality than anything written in the past tense. ]

I shall write of a remarkable man, an interesting man, a man of power, of initiative, of will, of persistence; a man who plans vastly and who realizes his plans; a man who not only does things himself, but who, even more important than that, is the constant inspiration of others. I shall write of Russell H. Conwell.

As a farmer's boy he was the leader of the boys of the rocky region that was his home; as a school teacher he won devotion; as a newspaper correspondent he gained fame; as a soldier in the Civil War he rose to important rank; as a lawyer he developed a large practice; as an author he wrote books that reached a mighty total of sales... Continue reading book >>

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