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Storyology Essays in Folk-Lore, Sea-Lore, and Plant-Lore   By:

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Storyology: Essays in Folk-Lore, Sea-Lore, and Plant-Lore by Benjamin Taylor is a captivating exploration into the world of folklore, sea legends, and plant lore. With a graceful writing style, Taylor takes readers on a journey through these three distinct realms, unraveling their mysteries and showcasing their significance in human culture.

One of the book's strengths lies in the author's meticulous research and knowledge of various mythologies from around the world. Taylor delves into legends and folktales from different cultures, drawing connections and highlighting shared themes. This comprehensive approach provides readers with a broader perspective on the significance of these tales and their impact on societies throughout history.

Moreover, Taylor's expertise shines through as he explores sea lore, delving into the mythology surrounding maritime adventures and the creatures that inhabit the deep. From mermaids to sea monsters, the author weaves together captivating stories backed by historical accounts and cultural beliefs. This section offers a unique glimpse into the fascination with the sea and its enduring place in human imagination.

The book further delves into plant lore, revealing the deep-rooted relationship between humans and the natural world. Taylor explores the medicinal properties, symbolism, and cultural significance of various plants. His detailed descriptions of plant folklore and the rituals associated with them are both educational and engrossing, providing readers with a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness between humans and nature.

Taylor's prose is engaging and evocative, capturing the essence of each tale and bringing the characters to life. Whether describing a treacherous sea voyage or the delicate beauty of a rare plant, his descriptions transport readers into these realms, immersing them in the richness and complexity of folklore, sea lore, and plant lore.

While Storyology: Essays in Folk-Lore, Sea-Lore, and Plant-Lore is an enjoyable read, it may not be suited for those seeking a light or casual read. The depth of research and the intricacies discussed require attentive reading and a genuine interest in mythology, folklore, and the natural world. However, for those fascinated by these subjects, this book offers a treasure trove of knowledge and captivating storytelling.

In conclusion, Storyology: Essays in Folk-Lore, Sea-Lore, and Plant-Lore by Benjamin Taylor is a remarkable work that explores the varied realms of folklore, sea legends, and plant lore. With a wealth of information, skillful storytelling, and a strong command over the subject matter, Taylor elevates these often overlooked aspects of human culture. This book is a must-read for folklore enthusiasts and anyone intrigued by the intersection of mythology, the sea, and the natural world.

First Page:


Essays in Folk Lore, Sea Lore, and Plant Lore



London: Elliot Stock, 62, Paternoster Row, E.C. 1900.



The principal object of this Foreword is to inform the expert Folkloreist and the case hardened Mythologist (comparative or otherwise) that the following pages are intended for those who, being neither expert nor case hardened, come under that gracious and catholic term general reader. The writer addresses not the scholiast, but the ordinary person who likes to read about what he has not time to study.

Some portion of what is here printed has appeared in a once popular magazine now defunct. The author hastens to add, for the relief of the irreverent, that the journal long survived the ordeal of the publication. Nevertheless this book appears on its merits, or otherwise, and seeks no support from past attainment. Neither does it make any pretension to originality of matter or method, though it may, perhaps, contain one or two new ideas.

It is unnecessary to add that the publication is made only at the tearful entreaty of multitudinous friends. That, of course, is well understood among myth hunters.




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