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Tales of the Punjab   By: (1847-1929)

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Tales of the Punjab, penned by Flora Annie Webster Steel, is a quintessential compilation of folktales and legends from the rich heritage of Punjab, India. The book serves as a delightful window into Punjabi culture, transporting readers to a world filled with mystical enchantment, vivid characters, and moral lessons.

What makes this collection unique is the author's ability to weave together ancient tales, capturing the essence of Punjabi life. Each story is beautifully crafted, showcasing Steel's talent for storytelling and her dedication to preserving these traditional narratives.

The book is divided into several sections, allowing readers to immerse themselves in different aspects of Punjabi folklore. From stories about heroic warriors and magical creatures to tales of love, jealousy, and redemption, each narrative offers a glimpse into the beliefs, values, and customs of the Punjabi people.

One of the standout aspects of this book is the vivid imagery used by Steel. Through her skillful descriptions, readers can visualize the vibrant landscapes, bustling bazaars, and opulent palaces that form the backdrop of these captivating tales. Furthermore, the author's use of authentic dialogue and traditional Punjabi expressions adds an extra layer of authenticity to the stories, making them even more engrossing.

Another strength of Tales of the Punjab lies in its universal themes and moral messages. While the tales are rooted in Punjabi folklore, the lessons they convey—such as the importance of kindness, bravery, and honoring one's word—are universally applicable. These timeless morals make the book a valuable resource for readers of all ages, imparting wisdom and offering guidance through the enchanting stories.

Flora Annie Webster Steel's passion for the cultural heritage of Punjab shines through in her meticulous research and storytelling prowess. It is evident that she approached this project with great reverence and respect for the traditions she sought to preserve. As a result, she succeeds in bringing these ancient tales to life, ensuring that they are not forgotten in the passing of time.

In conclusion, Tales of the Punjab by Flora Annie Webster Steel is an exquisite collection of folklore and legends, serving as a portal into the enchanting world of Punjabi storytelling. Steel's meticulous attention to detail, captivating narratives, and profound themes make this book a must-read for anyone interested in exploring the rich cultural tapestry of Punjab.

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To the Little Reader

Sir Buzz The Rat's Wedding The Faithful Prince The Bear's Bad Bargain Prince Lionheart and his Three Friends The Lambkin Bopoluchi Princess Aubergine Valiant Vicky, the Brave Weaver The Son of Seven Mothers The Sparrow and the Crow The Tiger, the Brahman, and the Jackal The King of the Crocodiles Little Anklebone The Close Alliance The Two Brothers The Jackal and the Iguana The Death and Burial of Poor Hen Sparrow Princess Pepperina Peasie and Beansir The Jackal and the Partridge The Snake woman and King Ali Mardan The Wonderful Ring The Jackal and the Pea hen The Grain of Corn The Farmer and the Money lender The Lord of Death The Wrestlers The Legend of Gwashbrari, the Glacier Hearted Queen The Barber's Clever Wife The Jackal and the Crocodile How Raja Rasalu Was Born How Raja Rasalu Went Out Into the World How Raja Rasalu's Friends Forsook Him How Raja Rasalu Killed the Giants How Raja Rasalu Became a Jogi How Raja Rasalu Journeyed to the City of King Sarkap How Raja Rasalu Swung the Seventy Fair Maidens, Daughters of the King How Raja Rasalu Played Chaupur with King Sarkap The King Who Was Fried Prince Half a Son The Mother and Daughter Who Worshipped the Sun The Ruby Prince

Notes to the Tales


Many of the tales in this collection appeared either in the Indian Antiquary , the Calcutta Review , or the Legends of the Punjab ... Continue reading book >>

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