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Thomas Hart Benton's Remarks to the Senate on the Expunging Resolution   By: (1782-1858)

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Thomas Hart Benton's Remarks to the Senate on the Expunging Resolution by Thomas Hart Benton is a captivating piece of political discourse that sheds light on an essential moment in American history. This compelling book delves into the heated debate surrounding the Expunging Resolution, with Benton's powerful words serving as a rallying cry for justice and integrity.

Benton, a prominent politician in the United States Senate during the mid-19th century, presents an eloquent and impassioned speech that reflects his unwavering commitment to democracy. The Expunging Resolution, which aimed to obliterate censure records against President Andrew Jackson, was a deeply contentious issue that divided the nation. In his remarks, Benton skillfully lays out his arguments against the resolution while exploring its potential consequences for the country's political landscape.

One of the book's outstanding strengths is Benton's mastery of rhetoric. His words surge with conviction, evoking a profound sense of urgency and righteousness. The author's powerful voice resonates throughout his address, capturing the attention of readers and enabling them to connect with the essence of his message. His deep dedication to preserving historical accuracy and defending the integrity of the Senate shines through his every word, leaving an indelible impact on the reader.

Moreover, Benton's rhetorical skills are complemented by his astute understanding of the political climate of his time. He skillfully navigates through complex historical events, providing readers with valuable insights into the motivations behind the Expunging Resolution and its far-reaching implications. By dissecting various viewpoints and laying out the consequences of such a resolution, Benton encourages critical thinking and fosters a deeper understanding of the intricate workings of the American political system.

In addition to its thematic richness, the book is also a testament to Benton's skill as an orator. His passionate delivery and unwavering commitment to truth make for an engaging reading experience. His powerful rhetoric combined with his deep knowledge of history imparts vital lessons about the importance of transparency, accountability, and integrity in politics.

While the book primarily comprises Benton's speech, it would have been beneficial to provide additional context and analysis on the Expunging Resolution, its aftermath, and the long-term implications it had on American politics. A more comprehensive exploration of the opposing arguments and the consequences of the resolution would have further enriched the reader's understanding.

Overall, Thomas Hart Benton's Remarks to the Senate on the Expunging Resolution offers an insightful and thought-provoking examination of a significant moment in American political history. Benton's words continue to resonate today, reminding us of the enduring relevance of transparency and integrity in preserving the democratic principles on which the United States was founded. This book is a must-read for history enthusiasts, political thinkers, and anyone seeking to gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of American democracy.

First Page:

Thomas Hart Benton, "On the Expunging Resolution." U.S. Senate, January 12, 1837

Mr. President:

It is now three years since the resolve was adopted by the Senate, which it is my present motion to expunge from the journal. At the moment that this resolve was adopted, I gave notice of my intention to move to expunge it; and then expressed my confident belief that the motion would eventually prevail. That expression of confidence was not an ebullition of vanity, or a presumptuous calculation, intended to accelerate the event it affected to foretell. It was not a vain boast, or an idle assumption, but was the result of a deep conviction of the injustice done President Jackson, and a thorough reliance upon the justice of the American people. I felt that the President had been wronged; and my heart told me that this wrong would be redressed! The event proves that I was not mistaken. The question of expunging this resolution has been carried to the people, and their decision has been had upon it. They decide in favor of the expurgation; and their decision has been both made and manifested, and communicated to us in a great variety of ways. A great number of States have expressly instructed their Senators to vote for this expurgation. A very great majority of the States have elected Senators and Representatives to Congress, upon the express ground of favoring this expurgation... Continue reading book >>

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