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Three Acres and Liberty   By: (1854-1938)

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Three Acres and Liberty is a thought-provoking book that challenges the reader to question their beliefs about land ownership and modern society. Authored by Bolton Hall, this book presents a compelling argument for a radical restructuring of our economic system, putting forward the concept of the three-acre farm as a solution to many of our social and economic woes.

Hall's thesis revolves around the idea that the existing system of land ownership is deeply flawed, as it perpetuates inequality and prevents individuals from truly experiencing freedom and self-sufficiency. He advocates for a society where each family is given three acres of land, allowing them to provide for their basic needs by cultivating the land and living sustainably.

Throughout the book, Hall presents a detailed analysis of the social, economic, and philosophical implications of his proposed revolution. He draws from historical examples, making compelling arguments about the benefits that three-acre farms have brought to communities throughout history, such as increased self-reliance, improved health, and reduced crime rates. Hall's arguments are well-researched and supported by evidence, making them difficult to dismiss.

What sets this book apart is Hall's ability to blend theory with practical advice. He provides readers with a comprehensive guide on how to establish and manage a three-acre farm, regardless of their previous experience or background. The author emphasizes the importance of knowledge-sharing and community cooperation, highlighting the potential for creating sustainable communities based on mutual aid and respect.

Despite the book's strong arguments, there are some aspects that may raise concerns for readers. Hall's depiction of implementing such a radical change on a large scale can seem overly idealistic. While it is undeniable that three acres of land can provide sustenance for a family, questions about scalability and the potential strain on resources may arise. Additionally, Hall's view that everyone is capable of becoming a successful farmer might be considered overly optimistic.

However, Three Acres and Liberty succeeds in challenging readers to think critically about our current economic system and the potential alternatives. It encourages a reevaluation of our values and reimagines our relationship with the land and each other. Whether or not readers fully embrace Hall's proposals, this book serves as a wake-up call, urging us to explore alternative approaches to achieve greater self-sufficiency, community well-being, and individual freedom.

Overall, Three Acres and Liberty is a compelling and thought-provoking book that offers a fresh perspective on land ownership, self-sufficiency, and community building. Reading it is sure to inspire conversations and reflection, making it a worthwhile read for anyone interested in exploring alternative economic and social models.

First Page:









"A sower went out to sow and he sowed that which was in his heart for what can a man sow else!" From "THE GAME OF LIFE."

Or, as the Vulgate has it,

"Exitt qui seminat seminare semen suum."




All rights reserved.

Copyright 1907 and 1918


Set up and electrotyped. Published March, 1907.

Reprinted April, July, 1907; March, 1908; June,

September, 1910; April, 1912; April 1914.

New edition, revised February, 1918.


We are not tied to a desk or to a bench; we stay there only because we think we are tied.

In Montana I had a horse, which was hobbled every night to keep him from wandering; that is, straps joined by a short chain were put around his forefeet, so that he could only hop. The hobbles were taken off in the morning, but he would still hop until he saw his mate trotting off.

This book is intended to show how any one can trot off if he will.

It is not a textbook; there are plenty of good textbooks, which are referred to herein. Intensive cultivation cannot be comprised in any one book.

It shows what is needed for a city man or woman to support a family on the proceeds of a little bit of land; it shows how in truth, as the old Book prophesied, the earth brings forth abundantly after its kind to satisfy the desire of every living thing... Continue reading book >>

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