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Tom Swift and His Submarine Boat, or, under the Ocean for Sunken Treasure   By:

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Tom Swift and His Submarine Boat, or, under the Ocean for Sunken Treasure by Victor Appleton is an engaging and thrilling book that takes readers on an adventurous journey beneath the sea. This action-packed storyline revolves around Tom Swift, a young and ambitious inventor who embarks on a mission to recover sunken treasure using his ingenious submarine boat.

The book immediately captures the attention with its descriptive and vivid writing style. From the very beginning, readers are immersed in the world of Tom Swift and his extraordinary inventions. The author’s attention to detail is commendable, as he meticulously describes the inner workings of the submarine boat and the challenges it faces in the depths of the ocean.

One of the most commendable aspects of the book is the character development. Tom Swift, the protagonist, is a highly relatable and likable character. As a young inventor, he stands out for his intelligence, resourcefulness, and innovative thinking. The author effectively portrays his growth throughout the story, taking him from an optimistic young man to someone who learns valuable lessons about determination, teamwork, and the importance of following one's passions.

The plot of the book is fast-paced and filled with exciting twists and turns. As readers join Tom Swift on his quest to uncover the hidden treasure, they are kept on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the next obstacle he will encounter. From encounters with dangerous sea creatures, to the race against time to locate the sunken treasure before others, each chapter brings new and thrilling adventures that will captivate readers of all ages.

Furthermore, the book provides subtle yet educational insights into marine life and the wonders of the deep sea. It introduces readers to various sea creatures and their habitats, sparking curiosity and promoting an appreciation for the vast and mysterious underwater world.

However, one minor flaw in the book is the lack of depth in some supporting characters. While Tom Swift's friends and companions play significant roles in the story, their development is overshadowed by the dynamic character of Tom Swift himself. It would have been enriching to explore their backgrounds and motivations, which would have enhanced their relationships with Tom Swift and provided a more well-rounded reading experience.

In conclusion, Tom Swift and His Submarine Boat, or, under the Ocean for Sunken Treasure by Victor Appleton is an exhilarating adventure that combines the thrill of exploration with the excitement of treasure hunting. Its engaging writing style, well-crafted characters, and fast-paced plot make it an entertaining read. Whether you are a fan of action, science fiction, or simply enjoy diving into a world of imagination, this book is bound to captivate and satisfy your cravings for adventure.

First Page:



Under the Ocean for Sunken Treasure




I News of a Treasure Wreck II Finishing the Submarine III Mr. Berg Is Astonished IV Tom Is Imprisoned V Mr. Berg Is Suspicious VI Turning the Tables VII Mr. Damon Will Go VIII Another Treasure Expedition IX Captain Weston's Advent X Trial of the Submarine XI On the Ocean Bed XII For a Breath of Air XIII Off for the Treasure XIV In the Diving Suits XV At the Tropical Island XVI "We'll Race You For It!" XVII The Race XVIII The Electric Gun XIX Captured XX Doomed to Death XXI The Escape XXII At the Wreck XXIII Attacked by Sharks XXIV Ramming the Wreck XXV Home with the Gold


Chapter One

News of a Treasure Wreck

There was a rushing, whizzing, throbbing noise in the air. A great body, like that of some immense bird, sailed along, casting a grotesque shadow on the ground below. An elderly man, who was seated on the porch of a large house, started to his feet in alarm.

"Gracious goodness! What was that, Mrs. Baggert?" he called to a motherly looking woman who stood in the doorway. "What happened?"

"Nothing much, Mr... Continue reading book >>

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