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Traders Risk   By: (1914-2004)

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Traders Risk by Roger D. Aycock is an intriguing and insightful piece of literature that delves into the world of stock trading and the associated risks. Aycock, a seasoned trader himself, brings his wealth of experience to the forefront, offering readers a unique perspective on the highs and lows of the financial market.

The book excels in providing detailed explanations of various trading strategies and techniques, making it an essential guide for both novice and experienced traders alike. Aycock’s writing is clear and concise, allowing readers to easily grasp complex concepts without feeling overwhelmed. He takes the time to explain technical jargon, ensuring that even those unfamiliar with the field can follow along.

One of the highlights of Traders Risk is Aycock’s emphasis on risk management. He stresses the importance of understanding and managing risks, emphasizing that successful traders are those who possess a solid risk management plan. Through real-life examples and anecdotes, Aycock illustrates the consequences of disregarding risk, effectively driving home the significance of this crucial aspect of trading.

In addition to discussing risk management, Aycock delves into psychological and emotional factors that can influence trading decisions. He explores the emotions that often come into play, such as fear and greed, and how they can cloud judgment. By addressing these common pitfalls, Aycock allows readers to gain a deeper understanding of their own trading behaviors and provides valuable advice for overcoming emotional biases.

Despite its many strengths, Traders Risk does have a couple of shortcomings. Although the book offers detailed explanations of trading strategies, there were moments where it felt like certain concepts were skimmed over. It would have been beneficial to provide more in-depth analyses to complement the broader discussions.

Furthermore, some readers might find the book to be too focused on Aycock's personal experiences, as he often recounts his own trading triumphs and setbacks. While these anecdotes lend practicality to the book, it might have been more balanced to include additional case studies or analyses from other traders as well.

Overall, Traders Risk is a valuable resource for anyone interested in stock trading. Aycock’s expertise and practical insights make this book a worthwhile read, particularly for those seeking to enhance their trading strategies and improve their risk management skills. Though it may benefit from additional depth in certain areas, the book remains a commendable addition to any trader’s library.

First Page:



Keeping this cargo meant death to jettison it meant to make flotsam and jetsam of a world!

Illustrated by MARTIN

The Ciriimian ship was passing in hyperdrive through a classic three body system, comprising in this case a fiercely white sun circled by a fainter companion and a single planet that swung in precise balance, when the Canthorian Zid broke out of its cage in the specimen hold.

Of the ship's social quartet, Chafis One and Two were asleep at the moment, dreaming wistful dreams of conical Ciriimian cities spearing up to a soft and plum colored sky. The Zid raged into their communal rest cell, smashed them down from their gimbaled sleeping perches and, with the ravening blood hunger of its kind, devoured them before they could wake enough to teleport to safety.

Chafis Three and Four, on psi shift in the forward control cubicle, might have fallen as easily if the mental screamings of their fellows had not warned them in time. As it was, they had barely time to teleport themselves to the after hold, as far as possible from immediate danger, and to consider the issue while the Zid lunged about the ship in search of them with malignant cries and a great shrieking of claws on metal.

Their case was the more desperate because the Chafis were professional freighters with little experience of emergency... Continue reading book >>

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