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The Victim A romance of the Real Jefferson Davis   By: (1864-1946)

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In "The Victim: A Romance of the Real Jefferson Davis" by Thomas Dixon, readers are transported back to the American Civil War era and are presented with a unique perspective on historical events. With meticulous research and a captivating narrative, Dixon delivers a riveting story revolving around the life of Jefferson Davis, shedding light on his personal struggles, political career, and ultimately, his controversial legacy.

Dixon's storytelling prowess shines throughout the book, effortlessly weaving together historical facts with fictional elements that add depth and intrigue. The author's attention to detail brings the era to life, allowing readers to vividly envision the various settings and immerse themselves in the protagonist's journey.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Dixon's writing is his ability to generate empathy for Jefferson Davis, a figure often associated with the Confederacy and its ideals. By portraying him as a complex character with virtues and flaws, Dixon offers a nuanced portrayal that challenges preconceived notions. This exploration of Davis' inner turmoil, his unwavering commitment to his beliefs, and the personal sacrifices he made, adds an emotional layer to the narrative.

Furthermore, Dixon successfully captures the essence of the time period and the societal conditions that shaped Davis' life. The book delves into the profound impact of slavery, the divisive nature of the Civil War, and the relentless struggle for power and survival. Through his extensive research, Dixon provides a historically accurate context that not only educates readers but also encourages critical reflection on the events that unfolded during this tumultuous era.

However, it is important to acknowledge that "The Victim" has its limitations. Some may argue that Dixon's sympathetic portrayal of Jefferson Davis disregards the pain and suffering endured by enslaved individuals. While the book attempts to shed light on the complexities of the Civil War, it falls short in fully addressing the moral implications and lasting consequences of the Confederacy's ideology.

In conclusion, "The Victim: A Romance of the Real Jefferson Davis" offers a thought-provoking exploration of a complex historical figure. Thomas Dixon's skilled storytelling and dedication to historical accuracy make this book a compelling read for both history enthusiasts and fans of well-crafted narratives. By humanizing a controversial figure, Dixon prompts readers to reflect on the complexities of history, stimulating a deeper understanding of the events and individuals that shaped our nation.

First Page:


A Romance of the Real Jefferson Davis



Illustrated by J. N. Marchand


The Victim The Southerner The Sins of the Father The Leopard's Spots The Clansman The Traitor The One Woman Comrades The Root of Evil The Life Worth Living

[Illustration: "The man in front gave a short laugh and advanced on the girl" [Page 300]]


" A majestic soul has passed " Charles A. Dana

[Illustration: Colophon]

New York and London D. Appleton and Company 1914 Copyright, 1914, by Thomas Dixon All rights reserved, including that of translation into all foreign languages, including the Scandinavian Printed in the United States of America


Fold up the banners! Smelt the guns! Love rules. Her gentle purpose runs. A mighty mother turns in tears The pages of her battle years Lamenting all her fallen sons!



In the historical romance which I have woven of the dramatic events of the life of Jefferson Davis I have drawn his real character unobscured by passion or prejudice. Forced by his people to lead their cause, his genius created an engine of war so terrible in its power that through it five million Southerners, without money, without a market, without credit, withstood for four years the shock of twenty million men of their own blood and of equal daring, backed by boundless resources... Continue reading book >>

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