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The Woman and the Right to Vote   By: (1874-1939)

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The Woman and the Right to Vote by Rafael Palma is a compelling and enlightening exploration into the struggle for women's suffrage. In this thought-provoking book, Palma delves into the historical and social context surrounding the fight for women's right to vote, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of this pivotal moment in history.

One of the strengths of Palma's writing lies in his meticulous research and attention to detail. Drawing from a wide range of sources, he constructs a narrative that is both informative and engaging. The book takes readers on a journey through the different phases of the suffrage movement, transporting them to a time when gender inequality was deeply ingrained in society.

Palma offers a comprehensive analysis of the challenges faced by suffragettes and their allies, shedding light on the widespread opposition and discrimination that plagued their journey. Through personal anecdotes, speeches, and historical accounts, he vividly depicts the struggles faced by women who dared to challenge the status quo. By highlighting the individual stories of key figures in the suffrage movement, Palma successfully humanizes the fight for women's rights, providing a deeper emotional connection for readers.

Another noteworthy aspect of this book is Palma's skilful ability to connect the suffrage movement to broader social and political movements of the time. He offers an insightful examination of the connections between women's suffrage, nationalism, democratic ideals, and social reform. By doing so, Palma paints a holistic picture of the impact that the right to vote had on the overall progress of society.

In addition to the historical and political analysis, Palma also explores the transformative power of the suffrage movement on a personal level. He delves into the innermost thoughts and aspirations of these remarkable women, providing readers with an intimate understanding of their motivations and determination. Through his empathetic approach, Palma effectively captures the spirit and resilience of the suffragettes, making their struggles all the more relatable and inspiring.

While the book's thorough research and detailed analysis contribute to its overall strength, it can at times become dense and academic. Some readers may find certain sections too detailed or lengthy, especially those with limited prior knowledge of the suffrage movement. However, this minor drawback does not detract significantly from the book's overall impact and importance.

In conclusion, The Woman and the Right to Vote by Rafael Palma is an illuminating and thought-provoking exploration of the fight for women's suffrage. Palma's blend of meticulous research, personal narratives, and insightful analysis make this book an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to understand the historical and social implications of this monumental movement. It serves as a reminder of the courage and determination of the women who fought for their right to participate in the democratic process, ultimately changing the course of history.

First Page:

Philippine Senate Fifth Philippine Legislature First Session The Woman and the Right to Vote

Address Delivered By

Hon. Rafael Palma Senator for the Fourth District

In support of Bill No. 23 of the Senate in the sessions held by said body on the 22d and 25th of November, 1919

Manila Bureau of Printing 1919


Mr. President and Gentlemen of the Senate:

I have seldom felt so proud of being a representative of the people as now, when it gives me an opportunity to advocate a cause which can not be represented or defended in this chamber by those directly and particularly affected by it, owing to the leven of prejudice that the beliefs and ideas of the past have left in the mind of modern man. The cause of female suffrage is one sure to strike a sympathetic chord in every unprejudiced man, because it represents the cause of the weak who, deprived of the means to defend themselves, are compelled to throw themselves upon the mercy of the strong.

But it is not on this account alone that this cause has my sympathy and appeals to me... Continue reading book >>

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