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Woman under socialism   By: (1840-1913)

Woman under socialism by August Bebel

In "Woman under Socialism" by August Bebel, readers are presented with a captivating exploration of the social, economic, and political aspects surrounding women's lives during the late 19th century. Bebel, a prominent German socialist and politician, delves into various topics such as marriage, motherhood, work, and education, shedding light on the pressing issues faced by women in a society heavily dominated by patriarchal norms.

One of the most striking aspects of this book is Bebel's unwavering commitment to uncovering the harsh realities endured by women within a capitalist system. Through insightful analysis and a plethora of statistical data, he systematically demonstrates how women's subjugation persists, perpetuated by unequal power structures. Bebel argues that under capitalism, women are systematically rendered inferior and dependent, with their potential constrained by limited education and labor opportunities.

Bebel's exploration of marriage is particularly thought-provoking, as he dissects the institution and its implications for women's social and economic emancipation. He argues against the traditional notion of marriage as a means for financial security or domestic servitude, advocating instead for equal and voluntary partnerships. His calls for the abolition of legal and societal constraints on divorce and marital rights have a profound resonance, even in contemporary times.

Moreover, Bebel addresses the societal perception of motherhood as the ultimate calling for women. He criticizes the oppressive notions that motherhood should be a woman's sole purpose in life, emphasizing the importance of reproductive choice and control. By expanding on the economic burdens placed on women due to their reproductive role, Bebel exposes the hypocrisy of a society that praises motherhood while simultaneously withholding support systems to alleviate its associated hardships.

Additionally, Bebel explores women's role in the workforce, highlighting the inequalities faced by women in terms of pay, working conditions, and limited access to skilled professions. He emphasizes the need for women to participate fully in all aspects of the workforce, advocating for equal opportunities and rights. Bebel's arguments not only expose the inherent injustice of gender-based discrimination in the workplace but also envision a society where these limitations are eradicated, allowing women to fully realize their potential.

Although "Woman under Socialism" was published more than a century ago, the issues discussed remain highly relevant today. Bebel's work serves as a powerful reminder that the struggle for women's rights is far from over. By thoroughly dissecting the intricate web of systemic oppression, Bebel offers a compelling vision for a society that values gender equality and social justice, igniting a flame of hope for change.

"Woman under Socialism" is a seminal work that should be read by all those interested in the history of feminism, socialist principles, and the ongoing quest for gender equality. Bebel's meticulous research, poignant arguments, and unflinching dedication to dismantling the barriers limiting women's freedom make this book an indispensable resource for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the struggles faced by women under patriarchal systems.

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[Illustration: AUGUST BEBEL]

Woman Under Socialism



Translated from the Original German of the 33d Edition By DANIEL DE LEON.


"The end of social development resembles the beginning of human existence. The original equality returns. The mother web of existence starts and rounds up the cycle of human affairs." Bachofen.

"Since the advent of civilization, the outgrowth of property has been so immense, its forms so diversified, its uses so expanding and its management so intelligent in the interests of its owners, that it has become, on the part of the people, an unmanageable power. The human mind stands bewildered in the presence of its own creation. The time will come, nevertheless, when human intelligence will rise to the mastery over property, and define the relations of the State to the property it protects, as well as the obligations and the limits of the rights of its owners. The interests of society are paramount to individual interests, and the two must be brought into just and harmonious relations. A mere property career is not the final destiny of mankind, if progress is to be the law of the future as it has been of the past... Continue reading book >>

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