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Genesis   By:

Genesis by World English Bible

Genesis is a fascinating book that delves into the origins of the world and humanity according to the World English Bible. The storytelling is captivating and the language is easy to follow, making it accessible to readers of all ages. The book explores themes of creation, family, and faith, and offers a unique perspective on the beginnings of the world. Overall, Genesis is a thought-provoking and engaging read that is sure to leave a lasting impression on readers.

First Page:

From with slight reformatting by Martin Ward.

Book 01 Genesis 001:001 In the beginning God{After "God," the Hebrew has the two letters "Aleph Tav" (the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet) as a grammatical marker.} created the heavens and the earth. 001:002 Now the earth was formless and empty. Darkness was on the surface of the deep. God's Spirit was hovering over the surface of the waters. 001:003 God said, "Let there be light," and there was light. 001:004 God saw the light, and saw that it was good. God divided the light from the darkness. 001:005 God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. There was evening and there was morning, one day. 001:006 God said, "Let there be an expanse in the middle of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters." 001:007 God made the expanse, and divided the waters which were under the expanse from the waters which were above the expanse; and it was so. 001:008 God called the expanse sky. There was evening and there was morning, a second day. 001:009 God said, "Let the waters under the sky be gathered together to one place, and let the dry land appear;" and it was so. 001:010 God called the dry land Earth, and the gathering together of the waters he called Seas... Continue reading book >>

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