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Yorkshire Lyrics Poems written in the Dialect as Spoken in the West Riding of Yorkshire. To which are added a Selection of Fugitive Verses not in the Dialect   By: (1839-1915)

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Yorkshire Lyrics.

Poems written in the dialect as spoken in the West Riding of Yorkshire. To which are added a selection of Fugitive Verses not in the dialect. By John Hartley,

Author of "Clock Almanack," "Yorkshire Puddin," "Yorkshire Tales" &c, &c,

"It has not been my lot to pore O'er ancient tomes of Classic lore, Or quaff Castalia's springs; Yet sometimes the observant eye May germs of poetry descry In plain and common things."

London: W. Nicholson & Sons, Limited, 26, Paternoster Square, E. C. and Albion Works, Wakefield.

Dedication. To my dear daughter, Annie Sophie, this collection of dialect verses is dedicated, as a token of sincere love. John Hartley. Christmas, 1898.


Mi Darling Muse. To a Daisy, Found blooming March 7th. Mi Bonny Yorksher Lass. Give it 'em Hot. A Tale for th' Childer, on Christmas Eve. Words ov Kindness. A Brussen Bubble. Th' Little Stranger. Th' Traitle Sop. Once agean Welcome. Still true to Nell. Bide thi Time. A Cold Dooas. A Jolly Beggar. Aw Wodn't for all aw Could See. Come thi Ways! What is it? Awst Nivver be Jaylus. Lamentin' an Repentin'. Bite Bigger. Second Thowts. A Neet when aw've Nowt to do. Ther's much Expected. Coortin Days. Sweet Mistress Moore. Waivin Mewsic. Jimmy's Choice. Old Moorcock. Th' Short Timer. Sol an' Doll. Their Fred. Love an' Labor. Nooan so Bad. Th' Honest Hard Worker. Peevish Poll. The Old Bachelor's Story. Did yo Ivver! A Quiet Tawk. Lines, on Startling a Rabbit. Nivver Heed. Gronfayther's Days. Awr Dooad. Whear Natur Missed it. That's All. Mary Hanner's Peanner. Grondad's Lullaby. Sixty, Turned, To day. That Lad Next Door. A Summer Shaar. Awr Lad. Bonny Mary Ann. That Christmas Puddin. A Bad Sooart. Fairly Weel off. A Warnin. To W. F. Wallett. The Queen's Jester. Lads an Lasses. A New Year's Gift. Matty's Reason. Uncle Ben. A Hawporth. Th' Better Part. Th' Lesser Evil. Take Heart! They all do it. To Let. Lost Love. (appeared twice in the paper book) Drink. Duffin Johnny. (A Rifleman's Adventure.) Plenty o' Brass. The New Year's Resolve. A Strange Stooary. What Wor it? Billy Bumble's Bargain. Aght o' Wark. That's a Fact. Babby Burds. Queen ov Skircoit Green. Th' Little Black Hand. My Native Twang. Sing On. Shoo's thi Sister. Another Babby. To a Roadside Flower. An Old Man's Christmas Morning. Settin Off. To th' Swallow. A Wife. Heart Brokken. Lines, on finding a butterfly in a weaving shed. Rejected. Persevere. A Pointer. An Acrostic. Help Thisen. Bless 'em! Act Square. His Dowter Gate Wed. All We Had. Th' First o'th Sooart. Poor Old Hat. Done Agean. What it is to be a Mother. What they say. Young Jockey. Missed his Mark. When Lost. Mak a Gooid Start. Stop at Hooam. Advice to Jenny. Jockey an Dolly. Dooant Forget the Old Fowks. Soa Bonny. The Linnet. Mary Jane. Aw Dooant Care. My Lass. A Gooid Kursmiss Day. Mi Love's Come Back. A Wife. All Tawk. Aw Can't Tell. Happen Thine. Contrasts. To Mally. Th' State o' th' Poll. A nop tickle illusion. Try a Smile. Growin Old. Gooid Bye, Old Lad. That Drabbled Brat. Song for th' Hard Times, (1879.) Stir thi Lass! Tother Day. Happy Sam's Song. Gradely Weel off. Is it Reight? A Yorksher Bite. Lily's Gooan. What aw Want. Latter Wit. A Millionaire. Mi Fayther's Pipe. Let th' Lasses Alooan! A Breet Prospect. Missin Yor Way. Heather Bells. A Lucky Dog. My Doctrine. That Lass. Mi Old Umberel What it Comes to. Hold up yer Heeads. A Quiet Day. Lass o'th Haley Hill. Ditherum Dump. My Polly. Love one Another. Dick an Me. Briggate at Setterdy Neet... Continue reading book >>

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