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Doctor Dolittle's Post Office (version 2) (dramatic reading)

Book cover
By: (1886-1947)

In this charming and whimsical story, Hugh Lofting once again takes readers on a delightful adventure with everyone's favorite animal-talking doctor. In this version of Doctor Dolittle's Post Office, the beloved character sets up his own post office in the quaint village of Puddleby-on-the-Marsh, where he communicates with animals from all corners of the globe.

As Doctor Dolittle navigates the challenges of running a post office staffed by his animal friends, he also finds himself embroiled in a series of comical and heartwarming misadventures. From helping a lost elephant find his way home to thwarting a group of mischievous monkeys, Doctor Dolittle proves time and time again that his ability to speak with animals is not only a gift, but also a valuable asset in solving any problem that comes his way.

Lofting's witty and engaging writing style shines through in this latest installment of the Doctor Dolittle series, capturing the imagination of readers of all ages. The dramatic reading of the text adds an extra layer of entertainment, bringing the story to life in a whole new way.

Overall, Doctor Dolittle's Post Office (version 2) is a delightful and heartwarming read that is sure to enchant fans of the original series and newcomers alike. With its lovable characters, engaging plot, and whimsical charm, this book is a must-read for anyone looking for a fun and uplifting story.

Book Description:
While working in Africa, the eminent naturalist John Dolittle sets out to create the best post office on earth, using his bird friends to carry messages and packages anywhere in the world in record time. Along the way, he also manages to foil a slave trader, enrich a kingdom, save a ship, and meet the oldest living creature on earth! - Summary by Devorah Allen Cast: Doctor Dolittle: ToddHWSpeedy the Swallow: TJ BurnsDab-Dab the Duck: Leanne YauJip the Dog: Rafe BallGub-Gub the Pig: Campbell SchelpThe White Mouse: Devorah AllenToo-Too the Owl: Beth ThomasCheapside the Sparrow: Son of the ExilesThe Pushmi-Pullyu: Bill MosleyQuip the Carrier: Jasmin SalmaGolden Jay Leader: Adrian StephensPiffilosaurus: Algy PugOne Eye the Albatross: KevinSBertha Bacon: FoonCanary: JennaEleniSeagull: Zoe TrangThrush: JennaEleniSpoonbill: LikeManyWatersSquirrel: FoonCormorant: Adrian StephensGiant Snake: Christine LehmanMudface the Turtle: KevinSKing Ko-Ko: Bill MosleyZuzana: Lola JanieBegwe: Bernd UngererThe Captain: chuckconvrExecutive Officer: Adrian StephensThe Master-At-Arms: Bill MosleyWhite Trader: Algy PugBoatman: KevinSThe Royal Meteorologist: Algy PugLighthouse Keeper: Lola JanieNicholas Scroggins: Algy PugJack Wilkins: chuckconvrChief Nyam-Nyam: chuckconvrThe Emir of Ellebubu: Adrian StephensGeneral of Ellebubu: Lola Janie

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