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Golden Bough: The Magic Art and the Evolution of Kings, Volume 1

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By: (1854-1941)

Golden Bough: The Magic Art and the Evolution of Kings, Volume 1 by James Frazer is an impressive exploration of the intersection of magic, religion, and politics throughout human history. Frazer's detailed research and thorough analysis provide a comprehensive overview of the evolution of religious and political systems, shedding light on the role of magic in shaping society.

The book is structured in a way that makes it easy for readers to follow the progression of ideas and concepts, from early rituals and beliefs to the development of complex social hierarchies. Frazer's writing is engaging and informative, making even the most complex topics accessible to a wide range of readers.

One of the most compelling aspects of Golden Bough is the way in which Frazer connects seemingly disparate cultural practices and beliefs, showing how they are all part of a larger, interconnected system. This holistic approach to the study of religion and magic results in a rich and nuanced understanding of human behavior and society.

Overall, Golden Bough is a must-read for anyone interested in anthropology, history, or religion. Frazer's insights are still relevant today, making this book a timeless classic that continues to inform and inspire readers worldwide.

Book Description:
The first volume in Frazer's seminal 12 volume set on anthropology and traditional systems of belief. Topics covered include extensive discussion on the belief in sympathetic and contagious magic, magical influence on the environment, magicians and kings, magicians as priests, the origin of incarnate living gods, and a lengthy essay on the origin on the king of the wood at the lake of Nemi.

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