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How It Flies or, Conquest of the Air

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Richard Ferris's book, How It Flies or, Conquest of the Air, is a comprehensive and engaging exploration of the history of aviation. Ferris deftly guides readers through the evolution of flight, from the early experiments of Leonardo da Vinci to the groundbreaking achievements of the Wright brothers and beyond.

What sets this book apart is Ferris's ability to make complex scientific concepts accessible to readers of all backgrounds. His passion for the subject shines through in his vivid descriptions of the many triumphs and tragedies that have shaped the history of flight.

In addition to providing a detailed account of key milestones in aviation history, Ferris also delves into the cultural and societal impacts of flight. He examines the ways in which aviation has shaped warfare, commerce, and travel, offering readers a deeper understanding of the far-reaching consequences of this revolutionary technology.

Overall, How It Flies is a captivating and informative read that will appeal to aviation enthusiasts and history buffs alike. Ferris's passion for the subject and his engaging writing style make this book a must-read for anyone interested in the fascinating story of how humans learned to conquer the skies.

Book Description:
In these pages, by means of simple language and suitable pictures, the author has told the story of the Ships of the Air. He has explained the laws of their flight; sketched their development to the present day; shown how to build the flying machine and the balloon, and how to operate them; recounted what man has done, and what he hopes to do with their aid. In a word, all the essential facts that enter into the Conquest of the Air have been gathered into orderly form, and are here presented to the public. We who live to-day have witnessed man’s great achievement; we have seen his dream of ages come true. Man has learned to fly! The air which surrounds us, so intangible and so commonplace that it seldom arrests our attention, is in reality a vast, unexplored ocean, fraught with future possibilities. Even now, the pioneers of a 8 countless fleet are hovering above us in the sky, while steadily, surely these wonderful possibilities are unfolded. - Summary by From the Preface

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