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In The Days of Giants

Book cover
By: (1871-1927)

In The Days of Giants is a captivating collection of Norse myths retold for younger readers by Abbie Farwell Brown. The stories are filled with exciting adventures, powerful gods and goddesses, and cunning giants. The author's writing is engaging and brings these ancient tales to life in a way that will appeal to both children and adults.

The book is beautifully illustrated, with vivid and detailed artwork that enhances the magical and fantastical elements of the stories. Brown's interpretations of these classic myths stay true to the original tales while making them more accessible to modern readers.

The characters are well-developed and memorable, each with their own unique personality and abilities. The dynamic between the gods and giants is particularly intriguing, creating tension and conflicts that drive the narrative forward.

Overall, In The Days of Giants is a delightful read that will entertain and educate readers about the rich mythology of the Norse culture. Whether you are a fan of mythology or just looking for an engaging and exciting read, this book is sure to captivate you from beginning to end.

Book Description:
This book is made of the stories told by the Northern folk,—the people who live in the land of the midnight sun, where summer is green and pleasant, but winter is a terrible time of cold and gloom; where rocky mountains tower like huge giants, over whose heads the thunder rolls and crashes, and under whose feet are mines of precious metals. Therefore you will find the tales full of giants and dwarfs,—spirits of the cold mountains and dark caverns. You will find the hero to be Thor, with his thunderbolt hammer, who dwells in the happy heaven of Asgard, where All-Father Odin is king, and where Balder the beautiful makes springtime with his smile. In the north countries, winter, cold, and frost are very real and terrible enemies; while spring, sunshine, and warmth are near and dear friends. So the story of the Beginning of Things is a story of cold and heat, of the wicked giants who loved the cold, and of the good Æsir, who basked in pleasant warmth.

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