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La Comtesse d'Escarbagnas

La Comtesse d'Escarbagnas by Molière

La Comtesse d'Escarbagnas by Molière is a delightful comedic play that highlights the absurdity of social climbing and pretentiousness among the French nobility. The titular character, the Countess of Escarbagnas, is a hilarious caricature of a social climber who goes to extreme lengths to impress those around her.

Molière's wit and sharp observations on human nature are on full display in this play, as he exposes the ridiculousness of societal norms and the lengths people will go to in order to gain acceptance and admiration. The dialogue is witty and fast-paced, with plenty of clever wordplay and double entendres that keep the audience engaged and entertained.

The characters are charmingly flawed and all too relatable, making the play's satirical elements hit close to home. The Countess herself is a wonderfully absurd creation, played with gusto by Molière himself, and her interactions with the other characters are endlessly amusing.

Overall, La Comtesse d'Escarbagnas is a highly enjoyable play that offers a sharp critique of the superficiality of the French aristocracy. Molière's talent for satire and comedy shines brightly in this production, making it a must-read for fans of classic French theatre.

Book Description:
La Comtesse d’Escarbagnas est une comédie-ballet de Molière (musique de Charpentier et ballets de Beauchamp), commandée par Louis XIV pour le remariage de son frère avec la princesse palatine de Bavière, après son veuvage. Cette œuvre nous montre une provinciale, entichée de bonnes manières qu’elle se vante d’avoir apprises à Paris. On considère cette pièce comme le pendant féminin de Monsieur de Pourceaugnac.

La Comtesse : Ezwa
Le Comte : Aldor
Le Vicomte : Jean Lambert
Julie : Jc Guan
Monsieur Tibaudier : Ezwa
Monsieur Harpin : Aldor
Monsieur Bobinet : Christian
Andrée : Jc Guan
Jeannot : Christian
Criquet : Karen Savage
Narratrice : Jc Guan

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