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Menaechmi; or, The Twin Brothers

Book cover
By: (254 BCE-184 BCE)

Menaechmi; or, The Twin Brothers by Titus Maccius Plautus is a classic Roman comedy that tells the story of mistaken identity and the chaos that ensues when two sets of twins are mixed up. The play follows the adventures of two twin brothers, both named Menaechmus, who are separated at a young age and find themselves in a series of comical misunderstandings when they are reunited as adults.

Plautus's clever writing and witty dialogue keep the audience engaged as the characters navigate through the confusion caused by their identical appearances. The play is filled with humor, confusion, and clever wordplay that make it an entertaining read for anyone interested in ancient Roman literature.

Overall, Menaechmi is a delightful comedy that showcases Plautus's comedic genius and timeless appeal. The play's fast-paced plot and comedic elements make it a must-read for anyone looking for a light-hearted and entertaining literary experience.

Book Description:
Menaechimus was carried away as a child to Epidamnus. Years later his twin-brother arrives also in Epidamnus, where because of his resemblance to his brother, he is mistaken for him by everybody. "This play was the foundation of Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors." - Summary by ToddHW and Translator Cast list: Menaechimus of Epidamnus: Greg Giordano Menaechimus Sosicles, his twin-brother: Wayne Cooke Peniculus, a Parasite: Alan Mapstone Messenio, the servant of Menaechimus Sosicles: RĂ©mi Cylindrus, a Cook: Jake Malizia An Old Man, Father-in-law of Menaechimus Sosicles: ToddHW A Doctor: Sonia The Wife of Menaechimus of Epidamnus: WendyKatzHiller Erotium, a Courtesan: Jenn Broda Maid-Servant of Erotium: Availle Servant: Andrew Gaunce Prologue: ToddHW Stage Directions: Lynette Caulkins Editing: ToddHW

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