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Normans in Europe

Book cover
By: (1845-1927)

Normans in Europe by Arthur Henry Johnson is a comprehensive and detailed exploration of the Norman conquests and their impact on Europe. Johnson's thorough research and engaging writing style make this book a valuable resource for anyone interested in medieval history.

The book traces the rise of the Normans from their origins in Scandinavia to their conquests in England, Sicily, and beyond. Johnson examines the political, social, and cultural factors that drove the Normans to expand their territory and influence, as well as the lasting effects of their conquests on European history.

One of the strengths of Normans in Europe is Johnson's ability to balance scholarly analysis with accessible storytelling. The book is filled with interesting anecdotes and details that bring the Norman era to life, making it a compelling read for both experts and casual readers.

Overall, Normans in Europe is a well-researched and engaging account of one of the most important periods in European history. Johnson's thorough exploration of the Norman conquests and their impact makes this book a must-read for anyone interested in the medieval era.

Book Description:
This short history of the Normans in Europe opens with the invasions of the Vikings, who came from Scandinavian villages among rugged rocks and deep fiords. Johnson recounts how their myths of strife and woe, of the frost giants and of the crafty Loki, expressed their twin ideals of resourcefulness and war. These restless bands ravaged England, Germany, and France, penetrating the continents in their shallow-draft, half-decked ships. He writes that wherever they went they showed "themselves great warriors, founders, organizers, and administrators." Here are Rollo the Ganger, Harald Bluetooth, Sven Forkbeard and their descendants: William the Conqueror, and his sons, the dissolute William Rufus, the feckless crusader Robert, doomed to die a captive, and competent, ruthless King Henry. - Summary by Pamela Nagami, M.D.

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