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On chronic alcoholic intoxication : with an inquiry into the influence of the abuse of alcohol as a predisposing cause of disease

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By: (1828-1900)

In "On chronic alcoholic intoxication" by William Marcet, readers are presented with a detailed examination of the effects of alcohol abuse on the human body. Marcet delves into the physiological and psychological damage that chronic alcohol consumption can cause, shedding light on the potential predisposition to various diseases.

The book provides a comprehensive overview of the various ways in which alcohol can negatively impact health, from liver damage to cognitive impairment. Marcet's inquiry into the influence of alcohol abuse as a predisposing cause of disease is both enlightening and concerning, highlighting the significant health risks associated with excessive drinking.

Throughout the book, Marcet utilizes a scientific approach to elucidate the complex relationship between alcohol consumption and disease. His research-based findings provide readers with valuable insights into the far-reaching consequences of chronic alcohol intoxication.

Overall, "On chronic alcoholic intoxication" offers a compelling and informative exploration of the detrimental effects of alcohol abuse on the body. It serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of moderation and responsible drinking to safeguard one's health and well-being.

Book Description:
Physician William Marcet treated numerous cases of acute alcoholism and chronic alcoholism. He suggests gastrointestinal disease, gout and rheumatism are diseases associated with chronic alcoholism and might either be the cause or the result. Many of his patients complaining of gout, rheumatism, giddiness, sleeplessness, sore stomach, ringing in the ears, flashing specks of light, etc were in fact suffering from chronic alcoholism from recent drinking or days long gone and did not know it. He also discusses cases of nervous conditions that he treated with Oxide of Zinc, saying that the patient benefited by increased sleep and that there were no evil results. Before treatment, a patient suffering from chronic alcoholism, was expected to quit using spirituous liquors on their own although Marcet might prescribe the patient to drink moderate amounts of alcohol.

He states that the "alcoholic poisoning" may lie latent for some time then suddenly burst forth causing an attack of symptoms of chronic alcoholism. In Roesch's example, a patient who has suffered from acute or chronic alcoholism suffering from inflammation of the lungs may also suffer from delirium tremens during a period of not drinking any alcohol .

This reading does not include the data tables summarizing case studies and other information, which are available in the online text.

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